10 Ways to Make Facebook a Better Socializing Platform

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10 Ways to Make Facebook a Better Socializing Platform

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With the growing trend of internet socializing, it is no doubt that Facebook is one of the “must-haves” for people of all ages to keep in touch with friends and families who are miles apart. However, as futile applications start to blossom within Facebook, paired with some of the attention seeking nature of human being, socializing in Facebook has become not as fun as before.

Without wasting too much of your time on the introduction, we will dive straight away to the 10 ways to make Facebook a better socializing platform.

1. When you add people you don’t know, introduce yourself

Have you sometimes got some unknown people you have not seen before in your entire life replying to your threads? And sometimes, that person just wouldn’t leave you alone? Isn’t it irritating?

So, when you add somebody you think they have not met you before, introduce yourself and let them know you want to be friends.

2. Don’t message people in Facebook, get IM contact and do it there.

Even though Facebook is meant to be a socializing platform, but chatting in Facebook is really a pain in the ass. Get the person’s Instant Messenger and do your talking there!

3. Do less quiz, because nobody gives a shit

Honestly, all these quiz in Facebook, they are all b.s. and are regarded as spam to me sometimes. You want to know how many partners would you sleep with and which sex position would you use? By all means, do it quiz but don’t publish it, because nobody gives a damn.

4. 10101 does not predict your future

Wow, you are 100% lucky today. Well prove it, go out, stand in the middle of the freeway for 30 minutes and come back alive. Machines do not predict our future.

5. Stop sending the same app/game/group/event invites

Ok you have just sent like 20 game invitations to 20 of your friends today. Don’t do the same thing tomorrow, chances is that we will click the magic link “Ignore all”, because Facebook won’t tell you we ignored you.

6. Virus affected friends

They just contaminate the news feed with unnecessary information and links.

7. Quit Whining on Your Status Update

I am totally fine with people seeking attentions and shouting out of joy in Facebook, I would even join in and share their happiness as well. What annoys me most are status updates like…

“Im sick of you”
“My life sucks”
“Bad mood today”

Or anything of those sort. Seriously, that is not really a wise thing to do if you ask me. It is not effective and the 500 friends in your Facebook list couldn’t care less what happen to you. In fact, for every 10 people you tell about your problems, 7 will be happy that you have a problem, 2 will listen half heartedly and only 1 would listen.

A better choice will be to find that 1 person that would listen and whine to that particular person.

8. Quit begging people to buy you in Friends for Sale

Another irritating status updates are those who are begging people to buy them in the application called “Friends for Sale”. If people want to buy you (as if they would) they will buy you without having you to beg them like a dog.

9. Don’t emo in your Facebook

Even though this is sort of like what I explained at 7, but I purposely have this part separated because I once had a friend who literally took a picture of his emo self and posted it all over Facebook. I don’t see why anybody should remain in an emo state for such a long time.

The lack of attention maybe…

Fortunately, Facebook has created a function called “Hide”, where we can hide any applications and they will never appear again in your news feed.

Nonetheless, there is this application that utilizes your photo and that is…

10. Stop playing applications like “FanCheck”

The last and the least favourite things, the FanCheck application. Whenever a picture is posted in your profile by FanCheck and 20 of your friends has been tagged, a human kid died. Whenever somebody commented on the application, a kitten died. Whenever that thread of comment is replied, the Earth becomes hotter by a certain degree. So, for the sake of all the things God had created for us, stop playing FanCheck!

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7 Responses to “10 Ways to Make Facebook a Better Socializing Platform”

  1. Adam Says:

    Haha i agree at some point. But for me facebook is a place just have fun and do shits haha.

  2. Water Filtration Says:

    I am newbie in Facebook and i’ll remember these 10 ways of facebook make better socializing. Thanks for good information.

  3. used tires Says:

    Actually I am quite guilty of adding people I do not know on facebook, I guess I just look at their profile photo and think of them as an interesting add, so I just add them, maybe I should start introducing myself… but either way I would be a “creep” lol.

    Till then,


  4. Rehabilitation Sarasota Says:

    Yes, i seen many of users sent invitation of join group and fan page of facebook. It’s really good way to better socializing platform of facebook.

  5. Abraham Says:

    haha… Wee.. u also receiving.. Friend For Sales something like that oo.. ^_^.. XD..
    ya.. sometimes.. quite irritating.. keep on asking ppl to buy them.. swt..

  6. Jane @ Limoges Boxes Says:

    I very much agree with you. Before the age of farmville and other addicting applications, facebook has been an ideal socializing medium. Later on, people became too busy with their own farms, cafe and aquariums that communication has been less paid attention. It annoys me so much to see people posting updates of their application status. BTW, I’m also irritated for people who keeps whining and having dramatic status updates. Do they really have to publicized it? Right now, I’ve limit my facebook time and I’m also thinking of deactivating it.

  7. Aluminum Laptop Cases Says:

    I just read about a rumor that Google may be launching a facebook killer very soon. I’m sure there developers would be looking at every weakness facebook has and producing a superior website.

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