Buying And Selling Behaviour Reverted?

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Buying And Selling Behaviour Reverted?

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Long before money (silver and gold coins) was invented, the barter system was used by traders to exchange goods. Since the first gold coin was forged from its cast, money has been appreciated by many, for it is light and easy to carry. As time passed by, appreciation towards the invention of money has been clouded by greed and this eventually leads to Credit Crunch.

Credit crunch is a period after recession where companies and individuals are having difficulties lending money from banks.

However, as I was surfing the internet the other day, I stumbled onto a very inspiring and eye-opening video, the “One Red Paper Clip” video on YouTube.

This is a story of a young man who bartered all the way from a tiny red paper clip to a house.

Needless to say, if an average Joe can trade all the way from one small paper clip to a house, I am pretty sure there are  millions of people who are struggling financially in this rough financial thunderstorm can barter their way out of debt as well.

On top of the video, I have also discovered that Robert Kiyosaki, a financial guru had organized a 3-day-course called “Art of a Deal” a week ago where participants did nothing but traded goods with each another without money.

This had me wondering if it is possible to survive or even achieve financial success during this financial meltdown through bartering?

It is quite certain that barter system will not replace the money system we have now considering how deep the mess we are in. But is it possible that bartering is the new way of achieving financial freedom? Has the buying and selling behaviour reverted and does it still take money to make money?

You tell me.

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4 Responses to “Buying And Selling Behaviour Reverted?”

  1. Rehabilitation Sarasota Says:

    It’s really very nice video. Thanks for share good video.

  2. MAICLE Says:

    By putting a business make sure you have a enough budget to over come business fall down.

  3. Boxing Bags Says:

    I have so many friends these days who while all working and having 9-5 jobs do still use some form of barter system, so I think you are on to something here!

  4. used tires Says:

    Wow what an awesome story! At the end they mentioned something about a movie, any updates on that? I dont doubt for a single second that there are professional barters/traders out there making a real living out of this, heck there are some countries that barter for a living as an entire country!

    Till then,


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