Deep Fried Mars Bar

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Deep Fried Mars Bar

Yes, you are thinking what I am thinking. Fried Mars bar! Mars bar alone already taste better than many chocolate bars in the market, but fried bars? That is totally in a different league.

Deep Fried Mars Bar

But have you ever imagine maybe a few hundred millions of good/bad bacterias live inside the bar are being fried raw in the frying wok and nobody give a damn about it. Bah, humans only care about how nice their food is. And I’m telling you, Fried Mars Bar is damn nice and I’d like to rate it at 8/10.

I have no idea how they make it, but I think it’s fairly easy.

  1. Prepare your batter. Mix flour, milk, egg, whatever ingredient that you think would make this thing nice.
  2. Unwrap your Mars bar.
  3. Gently dip your mars bar into the batter
  4. Throw it into the frying pan with the appropriate level of oil.
  5. Fry until it has the fried colour glowing out of the bar.

This might be the end product that you will get.
Fried Mars Bar End Product

This is how a fresh fried Mars bar looks like. It looks like a penis ejaculating on itself. LOL. Just that this one is not as smooth.

Fried Mars Bar After Eating

Bite it and you’ll have this. All the chocolaty taste that squirts out from the penis Fried Mars bar.

My aunt bought me one of the Fried Mars Bar and we (the family) were enjoying it at Bondi Beach. Eating the Fried Mars Bar with the cool breeze was a really nice thing to do. That’s what we call enjoy life.

It Feels really great when you eat the first bite, but I want to warn you people before you try making this. Don’t try more than 2 standard size (3 inches) bars of it per person. One bar is more than enough. I can imagine you puking after the third bar. If possible, try to get the smallest size (about 1.5 inch) Mars bar. During the last few bites, I was still loving the taste but I can feel that it’s much sweeter (the cook’s fault? No idea) and after I finished it, I felt VERY thirsty.

Anyways, Vhoe, please try this so when I go back Malaysia I get to eat something nice there. I bet it’s worth trying.

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11 Responses to “Deep Fried Mars Bar”

  1. vhoe Says:

    erm… is the outer part is something like when we going to make the “fried sotong” thing?? the flour thing i mean…. is the chocolate is cold?

  2. SeeD Says:

    The chocolate is hot. Everything is hot.
    Yes, exactly, the ingredient of the batter is used to make fried fillets (I think).

  3. Wilson Says:

    Mars Chocholate Bar Goreng? XD
    sounds something like those ice cream goreng here.
    new stuff, worth trying i suppose, and
    are those white powder sugar ? those tiny snow sugar, ppl used to coat sweets?
    i wonder, how would some extra caramel taste like, heh ^_^

  4. SeeD Says:

    Extra caramel will make it taste like sugar <_< It’s sweet enough with the snow sugar toppings. XD Yeah, who knows if you can make it a business in Malaysia. HAHhAhAH

  5. vhoe Says:

    NO way lah… business with this take years~~~~~~~ to become rich! hahahahah… any way i will try it one day when i freee…. u know lah, i’m not a extrem chocolate lover ma… so it’s not too attract me.. hahahahah XD

  6. vhoe Says:

    btw.. the powder sugar most probally is the “icing sugar” can be use to bake cake, and also topping on bread like dounat

  7. SeeD Says:

    Side income side income …
    Bah, icing or not icing sugar, it’s cold enough at the beach for me to not feel any ice on the fried mars bar .. HAHHAhHAhA

  8. mayzen Says:

    BRING ME EAT NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

  9. pine Says:

    nak jadik fan of mars le??????
    rep pliz!!!

  10. used tires Says:

    you gave a very appetizing description of what the bar looks like when it is ready … lol. Just the thought of a fried candy bar kind of makes me want to puke.. but after the description lol. If I ate one of those I would feel obliged to go on a 5 mile run a fee hours afterwords.

  11. Baby England Kit Says:

    it was delicious! I tried it yesterday (fried some for me) and i almost cried… that’s how good it was! today i’m going to cook some more (for all the family), so I hope they like it too

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