Do You Blog For Money?

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Do You Blog For Money?

Right, I can virtually see a few of you cringe even by reading the phrase “blog for money”. Before you press “X” button, here is an advice, be a little more open minded. I know blogging for money sounds cruel to some people but learning (and understanding) the truth is just a switch of perspective away.

The fact that you are still reading suggests that you keen to receive new ideas and learn the new truth about the internet. So here is the question, be honest and force yourself to give an honest answer … do you blog for money?

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If you answered “yes”, good on you. I wish you all the best so that your blog can be capable of providing food on the table for you and your family in the future.

For those who answered “no”, let me put this very bluntly for you. I think you are living life aimlessly, you do not know the potential of the internet and to simply put it, you are wasting valuable time blogging for nothing.

The Simple Truths

Here are a few simple truths I have understood after a lot of reading and observing.

#1: Truth about Our Money System

One thing you need to know about the money system of the world is – our money is eating itself from the inside (like viruses eating you from the inside). This process is referred as inflation and with a constant 7% inflation per year, everything doubles their prices every 10 years. A million in your bank account today will worth as much as a little more than thirty thousand 50 years later.

I will cover more on this in the future.

#2: Truth About Creation

Things are created because there are profits to be made. The internet is created because the potential to make big money is there. The same goes to companies, organizations, gadgets and EVERYTHING.

#3: Truth About Time

This is common, even your grandparents had advised you on this before. Time awaits for no men and if you miss the opportunity to make a living, you are losing out!

#4: Truth About The Internet

This has little to do with your blog but important to know.

Before the dawn of internet, systems such as barter, commodities, receipt money are used. These are slow because the physical item must be presented, traveling time is spent and targeted market is small.

It is the information age now, everybody wants to make money by the speed of light through the internet. If you are using the internet for your business, you are tapping into the international market 24/7, compare this with the store you just opened.

#5: Truth About People Saying “I Don’t Blog For Money”

Ugh, it is my turn to cringe when I hear people say that. Look, that is like saying “I don’t wear condom for sex”, that’s ridiculous! We all know that we need money no matter what, we need money to entertain ourselves, have a drink, house rental, mortgages, gadgets, get married, we even  need money when we die! Who’s paying for your coffin and the land to put your coffin?

Thus the simple truth about people saying “I don’t blog for money” is they don’t know how and they are lazy to earn a living even for themselves! They expect people to spoon feed them with money.

#6: Now The Truth About Your Blog

Here are a few easy-to-understand and straightforward truths about your blogs.

Your blog is not a tool to…

  • Show off your pictures, Facebook can do the job better!
  • Seek attention
  • Rant about your life, bosses fire their employees for the constant complaints about the company in their blog
  • Overrun your government
  • Share pirated things
  • Chat with your friends (there are a lot of software out there to do this job)
  • And the list goes on!

The Good News

The good news is that all truth about your blog can be overlooked if they are generating money. I don’t really care how the money is flowing into your pocket. Maybe your sexy shots got you a modeling job or maybe your boss promoted you because you gave constructive complaints. As long as you are generating money legally with your blog, it is alright.

Look at the headline image of this article. That picture illustrates how the internet looks like. It looks like a limitless universe to me, limitless opportunity and profit too.

Can I still Blog for Fun?

Fun is a very vague word, I would call that blog for nothing. Of course, you could also continue to blog for nothing, but I can assure you that you don’t just blog for nothing. If you blog for nothing, you blog to

  • Waste money
  • Waste your time
  • Waste opportunities
  • Waste your youth
  • Waste resources
  • And more!

What can I do if I’m not blogging for money?

Honestly you are better off without a blog if you are blogging for nothing. That way you can spend more time with your family, friends, love ones and do something that eventually generates your income!

Nevertheless, it is not too late to change. You can always disregard whatever you have answered yourself earlier (the “NO”) and ask yourself again…

Do you or do you not blog for money?

PS, if I have directly or indirectly insulted you in anyway, I apologize.

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10 Responses to “Do You Blog For Money?”

  1. K@h Ee Says:

    THAT hurts!! Get ready to be bombed…. xD

  2. vinodh Says:

    i am the loyal fans of … hurray!

    Btw, REMEMBER this is only your personal view lol, you don’t have the right to criticize other people’s blogging intention LOL

  3. Frost Fox Says:

    haha EVERYBODY blogs for money nowdays.. no choice :P

  4. Bayu Aditya Says:

    agreed with frost fox. that’s one of the thing why ppl blog now

  5. boris Says:

    hi James! I saw you on nuffnang australia and find the creation of your interesting :)

    no I don’t blog for money. I want to in some way but I don’t know how.

  6. Tricial Says:

    how about… I BLOG FOR MYSELF!

    please, the reason you are talking about this is because YOU are blogging for money. there are also lots of people out there blogging just for the sake of remembering, or noting down. do you seriously think everyone out there is SO money minded like you huh? do some research before trying tell people what should they do/think.


  7. James Says:

    First I’d like to say that I feel sad for your act of immaturity.

    What I am saying here are all facts that unfortunately for people like you are extremely difficult to swallow. There is no need to get all fired up calling me an amateur.

    Define “I blog for myself” and what do you gain from it? Is it worth the time spent blogging?

    I can’t agree more with the lot of people out there blogging for nothing. That’s why this article is here to educate people like these to spend more time on something else … something more profitable.

  8. used tires Says:

    Quote(vinodh on June 24th, 2009 at 12:23 am):

    Btw, REMEMBER this is only your personal view lol, you don’t have the right to criticize other people’s blogging intention LOL

    You are wrong, he does have the right, it’s his blog, it’s his realm of free speech, just like leave a comment with your opinion, and just like any TV show has the right to state their own opinion.

    Till then,


  9. Water Filtration Says:

    Good point of view about blog for money. It’s fact many of us blogging for money.

  10. Catnip Cat : Says:

    internet money is always present, the only thing that you should do is built websites and monetize them~-.

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