DotA Techniques, Tips and Guides Part 1

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DotA Techniques, Tips and Guides Part 1

Defense of the Ancients, also known as DotA is a customized Warcraft III map that is extremely popular amongst players who doesn’t have a high end computer to play new games. Those players include myself, who’s an avid DotA gamer who plays DotA to spend free time.

I’ve been playing DotA since 2004 and I consider myself one of the best players out there. However, this game is all about teamplay and solo-ing in the game meant suicide. However, teamplay starts within every individual. That’s why this post will talk about DotA Techniques, Tips, Guides, Farming Methods and my 5 years of DotA experience and secrets that would enhance your individual DotA experience.

I will explain all the techniques in gaming sequences. This means the guide covers everything from the start when get a new hero sequentially to winning the game.

I Got a New Hero, what Should I Do?

New heroes are fun to play, but sometimes it takes awhile to get used to the hotkeys, skills and timing of each hit. However, I would strongly suggest anybody to read the spell description first before attempting to play the hero. Reading the description will allow you to have a thorough understanding over the skills you’re using and how much damage they can make.

After reading the spell descriptions, it’s time to buy your item, try not to level up a skill first (I know it’s tempting but bear with it for a sec).

Buying Item Guide (Early Stage)

Keep in mind that there’s a few criteria to pay attention to when using the first 850 gold.

  1. HP Recovery
  2. MP Recovery (For Int Hero)
  3. Ease of Farming
  4. Maximum Slot
  5. Value Over Gold

1 = Highest Priority, 5 = Lowest Priority

Many DotA gamers don’t follow this method exactly and they just simply buy an Empty Bottle just to go out to the battle field, spend all three charges and run all the way back to refill it without farming enough money to buy an item. That is what I call wasting time, not playing a game of DotA.

My Item Buying Guide for Strength(STR) Hero

  • Ring of Regeneration
  • 2 x Gauntlets of Strength
  • 3 x Ironwood Branch

My Item Buying Guide Agility(AGI) Hero

  • Ring of Regeneration
  • 2 x Slippers of Agility
  • 3 x Ironwood Branch

My Item Buying Guide Intelligence(INT) Hero

  • Ring of Basilius
  • 2 x Ancient Tango of Essifation (3 usage each)
  • The rest into Ironwood Branch

As you can see, my buying pattern follows all the 5 criteria above. For STR and AGI heroes, there is no need for MP during the early stages of the game, thus I’ll get the HP recovery item such as Ring of Regen, Gauntlets of Str/Slippers of Agi for damage (which equals to ease of farming) then I consider maximum slot and value over gold by buying 3 Ironwood Branches.

All these gives me an extra 9 damage, 3 str, 3 agi, 3 int and 2 hp/s before I even reach the battleground. With this I’ll have a head start over my opponents already.

For INT heroes, I will use lots of MP even in the early stage, that’s why Ring of Basilius is so important. Then I’ll go for HP regen items like Tango, 6 of them is more than enough, I usually use an average of 3 and sell the other 3 which I bought for rainy days. Then the rest into Ironwood Branch, which follows my criteria of “Value over Money”.

These buying methods are used for almost every hero, except for a few like Earthshaker, Beastmaster, Stone Giant, Soul Keeper, Axe, Centaur Warchief, Obsidian Destroyer and Keeper of the Light.

Earthshaker, Beastmaster & Stone Giant

I will go for Arcane Ring items for these 2 heroes because they are heavy users of MP. With these items I only need to farm 1000 gold for the Energy Booster to get Arcane Ring. After that I could just spam skill until I get Battlefury for these heroes.

  • Arcane Ring Scroll
  • Ring of Protection
  • The rest into Ironwood Branches

Soul Keeper

This hero has Soul Steal that sucks HP out of opponent. So the equation is More MP = More HP, that’s why I’ll buy Ring of Basilius for him.

  • Ring of Basilius
  • 1 x Slipper of Agility
  • The rest into Ironwood branch

With this build I can easily fend off 2 opponents in early game even while soloing a lane. There are chances of double killing them as well.

Axe & Centaur Warchief

These heroes are tankers, they need items to fend of attacks or else they wouldn’t stand a chance in the battlefield. Thus …

  • Stout Shield
  • Ring of Regeneration
  • Tango or Ironwood Branch

Obsidian Destroyer & Keeper of the Light

Obsidian Destroyer has to be a farmer early game and Keeper of the Light has Chakra Magic to replenish MP. That’s why they don’t need Ring of Basilius. So I’ll focus more on “HP Regeneration” and “Ease of Farming” criteria.

  • Ring of Regeneration
  • 2 x Mantle of Intelligence
  • The rest into Ironwood Branch

Note that these are just items are learned after years of playing All Random and All Pick games. These builds might have been different when playing a tournament and I don’t play in tournaments since I don’t have many friends who are really good at DotA.

Alright, I’ve done getting all my equipments, it’s time to standby for battle.

Entering The Battlefield

Most players would rush into the “meeting point” right after they bought their items. However, to ensure safer start to the game, I would want my creeps (monsters) to be as close to my tower as possible. This is to prevent ambush by opponents.

There is no method to delay the spawning of the creeps, however there’s the method to block them while they are running towards the meeting point. Sentinel creeps are much easier to block than scourge ones, that’s why scourge would always be at a disadvantage.

As almost every single DotA players would know, there are three routes to the battlefield, usually called Top, Middle and Bottom. Every single one of them has distinctive forests and it is wise to know the inside out of the forests. A really good one would be the furthest sentinal tower at the bottom. There is actually a U shaped route behind the tower lie inside the forest. If a scourge member went into the forest in early game, chances of him dying is almost 90%.

I Met Their Hero

Great, still remember the free skill point earlier where I said not to use it? Use it now depending on your circumstances. During bad days, there’s the chances of bumping into two ranged heroes that are good enough to prevent you from farming. And there are good days where your opponents are melee heroes.  This is where you’ll spend your skill wisely.

An example would be sniper opposing a melee hero. There’s no need to level “Take Aim” when melee opponents can’t even reach you. Level “Headshot” instead and deal more damage.

Another example would be Moonfang. I would usually level “Lunar Blessing” for ease of farming. However if your opponent is a sniper or a far ranged hero. You will not have the chance to use the extra damage. That is when you will level “Lucent Beam” first, to kill creeps or to damage your opponents hoping that they will go back home to give you a break.

This is all for Part 1. In the next part I will talk into more detailed about Farming, Capitalizing your lane and many more. So stay tuned by subscribing to our RSS feed so you won’t miss out.

Before I end here I’d like to give an advice as a veteran DotA player.
Don’t ever leave a game. Leavers are players who don’t improve. Even with 3 lanes broken there are still chances of winning. Play until the Tree of Life or the Throne breaks.

Mini DotA Wiki

Farming – A term gamers use to earn in-game money/gold usually by killing monsters or opponents.

HP – Hit Point

MP – Magic Points

Tankers – Heroes that have a nature to withheld a lot of damage in the battlefield.

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8 Responses to “DotA Techniques, Tips and Guides Part 1”

  1. Jamesie Says:

    Another Nice Post Done by James Wee..
    Will there be any Tips/posts on how to Maphack, Pull PLug or anything tat’s considered as lamer ?

    Thumbs up for those criteria u listed above =b

    btw, Buying Bottle isn’t a Stupid action ,
    U can Hope for Any rune tat can fullfill ur bottle every 2 min at the river xD

  2. James Says:

    James Ooi, hoping for a Rune located at the river is gambling because you’re not certain that you can kill your opponent with the bonus.

    And it doesn’t change the fact that you’ll still go back home after you’ve used all the 3 charges.

    LOL No tips about Maphack and Pull plug as I don’t recommend those.

  3. Jamesie Says:

    Most of the maphacker will bottle at first as they know where to get the rune xD

    Counted as gambling for Steady Player Like u xD
    well, ring/basilius would be great =b =b

  4. shubhash Says:

    how to use venomancer 1 vs 5 insane

  5. Adriana Bottino Says:

    Hello,thanks for this wonderful blogg, i really find much new things on it and i really loved the design of the blogg. I found it on yahoo. I also want to wish you a happy new year.

  6. Jesabella Says:

    I still remain a noob of this game :~

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