DotA Techniques, Tips and Guides Part 2

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DotA Techniques, Tips and Guides Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of DotA Techniques, Tips and Guides. In Part 1 I’ve explained about the early part of the game, which are getting a hero, buying items, entering the battlefield like a pro and meeting their hero. Part 2 is the most crucial part of the game, as it separates the pros from the newbies.

In Part 1, I stopped at “Meeting Enemy Hero”, so I’ll continue from there.

Farming Techniques

The ability to farm in any condition is extremely vital in a game of DotA. Not to be able to farm is extremely rare and usually people complain that they are unable to farm because they only click 100 times per game. I think I click more than 1000 times whenever I play a game of DotA, causing my Razer mouse to retire in just 2 years. Anyways back to farming, I will explain a few farming techniques you could use in the game.

Last Hit The Creeps/Tower

Almost 60% of the players I’ve seen do 90% of the damage on the creeps to get 10% of the gold. I on the other hand, do 10% of the damage on the creeps to earn 90% of the gold. Again there is no magic formula to this technique, what you do is …

  1. Press alt and monitor the creeps with the lowest HP
  2. Stay near to the lowest HP creeps
  3. Hit it only when you think the creep’s HP is within the range of your damage and make sure you kill the creep.

This not only gives me more time to capitalize on my lane (I’ll explain more about this later), but also denying creeps and earn gold effectively.

Lure Enemy Creeps

I’m pretty sure you’re thinking about using a melee hero alone with 2 ranged hero. Yes that’s a bit harder but that is not an excuse to not to farm. In fact, given the luck and the chances, you have the upper hand to double kill both their heroes. However we’re talking about farming so we’ll leave killing heroes for later.

So every time you go near to a creep you will get nuked, that’s fine. You don’t go to the creeps, let the creeps come to you instead! To do that, simply click on attack at enemy hero and quickly withdraw from it. The creeps are programmed in such a way that when you target their hero, they will attack you.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to go near their hero because you might get your ass kicked for this. What you are actually doing is taking advantage of the creep system and provoking the creeps to you. This not only allow you to farm as a melee hero, it also draws their creep away from their hero.

AoE Skill Hero Advantage

I’ve seen many people who does not take advantage on the AoE skills during farming, even with heroes like Slayer, Stone Giant, Earthshaker, Invoker and so on that have double AoE skills. They tend to save the MP for their heroes, which I think it’s really unnecessary sometimes.

Have you heard phrases like “Savers are Losers”? Yes this also applies in DotA as well. The more you save your MP, the chances of you losing the game increases. So, spend those AoE skills (even non AoE skills when you’re desperate) on the creeps. Just don’t forget to have extra MP around to help you escape from enemy ambush.

Capitalizing On The Lane

The only way for you to farm stress free is to have control of your lane. This means letting the opponent fear your presence. A few aspects you will need to have control is

  1. Control over your HP
  2. Control over your opponent’s HP
  3. Control over the creeps
  4. Control over the environment (Forests, tower, enemy ambush, etc …)
  5. Control over your skills
  6. Control over your opponent’s skills

If you have control over all these 6 aspects. The lane will definitely be yours and farming any item shouldn’t be a big problem at all. However, it is extremely hard to control all these 6 aspects, even controlling 4 of them is good enough sometimes.

Dealing With Enemy Heroes

During bad times, you might not have control over any of the above aspects I’ve talked about. There are only 2 choices, switch lane with your teammates or deal with it.

I wouldn’t recommend switching lanes because this wastes you and your teammates farming opportunity. Personally I prefer to deal with the problem, unless your weakness is the opponent hero, eg. Meepo vs Lion.

It’s best to keep enemy HP less than 60% all the time. That way ambushing will be much easier if he has less HP and you don’t need to go through all the trouble to chase him. This can be easily done by ranged hero, so what happens if you’re using a melee hero?

You can’t hit the opponent, you can’t even go near them, you might get a few lucky hits that would not do much damage. However, the best thing to do would be to nuke them with your skills.

Dealing with enemy heroes is a really general thing, each player has their own unique style of dealing with this. So I strongly suggest you find your own method (not the suicide one) and stick to it.

Buying Item Guide (Farming Stage)

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, this same phrase applies to DotA as well. If you do not plan to buy your items properly, you will find it difficult to farm for the next item on your buying list.

An example would be, buying items in this order will lead you to no where.

  1. Boots of Travel
  2. Battlefury
  3. Yasha & Sange

This is because Boots of Travel costs 2700 in total, with that extreme amount of gold, you only get an extra 90 movement speed. Movement speed can’t do any damage and does not earn you money. The better method would be

  1. Battlefury
  2. Yasha & Sange
  3. Boots of Travel

Buying Battlefury first gives you Cleaving damage and extra 65 damage. With these amount of damage, you can easily earn your next 7200 either by farming or hero killing for your Yasha & Sange and Boots of Travel. Of course, you might wanna get Boots of Speed first before you get your Battlefury.

During the farming stage, there are buying criterias as well. I would recommend following this criteria according to it’s priority.

  1. Damage (Ease of Farming)
  2. MP Recovery
  3. Movement Speed
  4. HP Recovery
  5. More Damage (Hero Killing)

Follow this criterias closely and you will find yourself earning money faster than before and farm better items than your solo-ing teammates or enemy.

My HP Is Red, Should I Run Or Should I Give Up And Die?

I’ve seen lots of DotA players that has tonnes of opportunity escaping with under 100 HP end up turning back just to do that 1 last hit before they die. I mean, let’s be really honest here, that’s called stupidity, what can 1 hit do if it does not kill the opponent?

So my answer to the question above would be “Run as intelligently as you can”. This does not ensure 100% success rate in escaping death, however this method definitely confuses the enemy and if you’re lucky you might even cheat death!

Too many times I’ve observe escaping players run straight (either backwards or forwards) to the end of their lives. I don’t run straight unless I have already cheated death. I prefer running up hills so that the fog covers me, or I run into the trees where the fog covers me as well. You will be amazed how funny things turn out when 2 or more enemy entered the same forest, it’s like entering a maze of confusion.

The best thing is if you have a Teleport Scroll or Boots of Travel, you can escape from 5 desperate opponents just by teleporting in the trees. Most of the time they will only found you out just to see the remains of your teleport. That is what I call cheating death.

I guess this is all for Dota Techniques. I hope you guys learned some of the insights from these 2 posts and would make into good use in a game of DotA. My advice would still be the same, do not leave any games. Leavers don’t learn, people who got pawned, called n00b in DotA learn 10 times more than any leavers. Think about how much you have missed leaving a game. Have fun DotA!

Mini DotA Wiki

Farming – A term gamers use to earn in-game money/gold usually by killing monsters or opponents.

HP – Hit Point

MP – Magic Point

Tankers – Heroes that have a nature to withheld a lot of damage in the battlefield.

Deny Creeps – Killing your own creeps so that opponent only earn 50% of the total experience.

Nuked – Damaged by enemy heroes either by magics or pure physical damage.

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10 Responses to “DotA Techniques, Tips and Guides Part 2”

  1. Jamesie Says:

    LoLx~ Show More On the cheating Death xD
    Video or pic ? watever tat is =p

  2. James Says:

    Cheating Death in DotA mainly means escaping either by teleporting away or confuse your enemies by running in between forests with just less than 5% of your total HP.

    This usually can’t be done by running in a straight line.

  3. HeHeHunter Says:

    I wonder when was the first time I played DOTA.

    I think way back before guinsoo modified DOTA.

    Well, nice guide indeed.

  4. rics28 Says:

    Yes, its really nice to cheat death!!haha

    but you need to do it wisely otherwise death will really catch you!!!

    Thats what we called RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

  5. p0njapz Says:

    first i dont know how to money shot but thanks to your helpfull tips i leanred it and nice guide for the cheating deadth

  6. E1B-w@sLi Says:

    …Nice I like it, BY the Way keeP up the good worK.. and keep on giving tips on dota players like us!! May god Bless You…

  7. quickhandsneverdie Says:

    yeah.. I usually do that kind of strategy. heheh. It’s nice when my opponents are searching for me even though i cheated death. haha. Its the most intelligent way of surviving upon the upcoming death.


  8. Power_Avatar Says:

    tHank you for the tips I learn I love dota… muah

  9. qwerty Says:

    well. dis is mei first time to play dota. . . thanks for that tip…. :P

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