Dropping Camera-How Hard Can It Be?

December 1st, 2008 by | This article was viewed 7,265 times.

When I came back from work this evening, the first message I got in my screen is “WTF, I dropped my G10″. A friend of mine, Cxlim sent this message, and obviously, the G10 means his Canon Powershot G10 he bought a week ago.

Then …

Actually, Cxlim dropped his camera because he was allegedly disturbing a couple at the pool who are about to make out.

An eye for an eye I guess. Hahaha!

The worst part, the camera was actually inside the pouch and Cxlim dropped it. And here’s the end result …

Ugh … She (the G10) is only 1 week old! Damn sad lah.

On a side note, Happy Birthday YCYU.

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11 Responses to “Dropping Camera-How Hard Can It Be?”

  1. jian aka miao Says:

    wahhh sure heart pain lor… 1 week only @@

  2. doctorpopcorn Says:

    ouch…that must suck. i hate it when things that are brand new get ruined.

  3. Peiyi Says:

    wah .. nice animation .. rolf .. it looks like powerpuff girl .. lOl

  4. James Wee Says:

    Well because it is based on Bubbles! Didn’t you know I’m a big fan of hers?

  5. Ee Says:

    Why does it has to be bubbles everytime!!!

  6. mayzen Says:

    yalah i think u suit buttercup better HAHA

  7. James Wee Says:

    Ee: Because Bubbles FTW !!

    Mayzen: My personality is alike to buttercup’s doesn’t mean I suit her O_O

  8. ashleighhhh Says:

    ouch that gotta hurt. haha, disturbing a couple making out huh.

    sure hope that g10 is fine lol

  9. justapple Says:

    lol 1 week old is kinda pathetic then..=X amen amen..><“

  10. shean Says:

    wao…how is CX’s reaction har??
    he is really good, can dropped till get this result…. :p

  11. James Wee Says:

    LOL, he’s contented with the hole in his G10 XD No worries :P

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