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Never in my life I entered an empty cinema before. But a week ago, when I was entering Hoyts’ (Australian Cinema) largest hall for Wall-E, the hall was filled with people air.

Shit, in Malaysia, we had to book our own seats man. In Australia, it’s free seating and yet nobody wants to watch. Maybe Wall-E is a kiddy’s movie. Well who knows, lots of Malaysians were craving over Wall-E, like me. Hehe. How do Australians enjoy life?

As I get bored waiting in the cinema, I snatched more photos. Just imagine yourself in the white line. Your right side, nothing, your left side, nothing … well Sherlyn was supposed to be there, but I don’t want her to be in the picture. I don’t know but the red seats are for couples, AND IT’S FREAKING BIG. As if you can have sex on it! Hahaha no other ideas here okay! I’m not interested in incest.

Oh there! Look, at least there is somebody in the screen. Now that’s three of us!

LOL! Anyways, Wall-E started and the number of people in the cinema increased. But there was a total of 10 people only. Hahaha! How was that for a movie? No kids laughing their ass off over everything.

Oh and how Australians enjoy life?

Making fun of Kevin Rudd (their Prime Minister) as Star Bar Wars characters.

Darth Vader Kevin Rudd is designed by Nicholson

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