Hamilton’s Breath Taking Win

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There’s no ending that was as dramatic as Lewis Hamilton’s pursuit to become the Formula 1 Driver’s World Champion. Lewis Hamilton, 23 clenched the Formula 1 World Championship Title as the youngest F1 world champion in Interlagos, Brazil despite his starting position and all the unexpected challenges.

Yesterday, the race in Interlagos, Brazil was postponed for 10 minutes due to a sudden heavy rain to allow teams to switch to intermediate tyres. Then, Lewis started his race in on fourth position with his wing man Heikki Kovaleinen fending off Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso off the starting line. After a few corners, Kovaleinen lost places to Vettel and Alonso, that was when tension started to build onto Lewis’s shoulder.

As the track started to dry, Vettel and Alonso was the first to come into pits for dry tyres. A lap later Massa came in. Then Lewis came into pits 2 laps after the Vettel and Alonso pair and missed the “dry moment” thus losing place to Vettel, Alonso and Fisichella.

Fisichella was passed by Lewis after a few laps and Lewis was securing fifth place for the championship, turning the engine down and pacing for the win. However, Sebastian Vettel was short fueled in the first pitstop and he went into pits. As he was released from the pitstop, he continues giving immense pressure to Hamitlon.

The second phase of pit stop ended with Massa leading, followed by Vettel, Alonso, Raikkonen then Hamilton, along with the rest of the pack. On lap 51, Vettel went into his third pit stop and came out fifth behind Hamilton. Once again he did not give Lewis any chance of cruising around the track to the finish.

As Hamilton were defending Vettel by responding to his lap times. Rain started to wet the track at lap 63. All the front runners went into pits for wet tyres except for both the Toyota drivers, Timo Glock and Jarno Trulli. After the pit stop the arrangement up front were Massa, Alonso, Raikkonen, Timo Glock, Hamilton and Vettel.

With 3 laps remaining, Hamilton ran wide and Vettel cut in for fifth position. Any hope of Lewis Hamilton for the world title seems to have been crushed until the the last lap, where the rain really starts to fall. Timo Glock on fourth position was unable to put his car into position thus losing more than 18 seconds in the last lap, losing places to Sebastian Vettel and Hamilton with just 2 more corners to go.

Hamilton finished the face claiming fifth position, beating Felipe Massa with just a point higher in the Driver’s World Championship. This is a record breaking history made by Lewis Hamilton as the youngest champion in Formula 1. And the race in Interlagos 2008 was one of the best race in many many years.

Here’s a clip how Timo Glock was overtaken yesterday.

Image Courtesy of f1racing.net

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