How Important Is Net Neutrality?

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How Important Is Net Neutrality?

Imagine the internet you have now is being controlled by corporations that feed you with limited information they have selected, and charge you for it. If you are a website owner (or a blogger), you have to pay a sum of money to maintain smooth connection to your website. If you do not pay the premium, you will be put on the “Internet bus lane”. That is a world without Net Neutrality.

Many people around the world are unaware of the debate of Net Neutrality that has been going on for nearly a decade now. They have no idea of how the absence of Net Neutrality could affect our lives. Ask anybody on the streets about Net Neutrality, chances are that they will shook their heads in confusion and might even ask if you are some internet expert or some sort.

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Actually, Net Neutrality is an individual thing, sort of like our rights on the internet to voice our opinions and to choose anything we would like to see/read on the internet. However, there are some corporations who would love to strip us off our rights and be in control of what we see and charge us for it.

Losing both our freedom and our hard earned money, if you can realize the logic here, it is nothing near to a win-win situation for us.

A country without Net Neutrality is China; any websites with unregulated content are blocked by their “Great Firewall of China”. I must say it sounds better than The Great Wall of China and it definitely helped the government to silence their citizens,  which is comparable to having ultimate authority over the slaves in the olden days (just minus the abuse and pain).

That is a serious violation of human rights. Do you want your country to be like that?

The only logical reason that we can accept grudgingly is that China eliminated Net Neutrality in the name of muting protests and riots, which is acceptable to a certain amount of degree. While for the US (and possibly the whole world after a period of time), they are doing it for the profitability of their corporation.

The internet has always been a Blue Ocean that encourages innovation and creativity into the market. If the government truly cares about innovation and creativity amongst their citizens, they would do anything to support Net Neutrality. Otherwise, the government just does not give a shit about their citizens.

To sum this article up, I will say that Net Neutrality is extremely crucial to any nation that promotes intelligence. The nation that supports Net Neutrality would prosper indefinitely due to the immense knowledge available on the internet. Any nation that destroys Net Neutrality first would breed a population that can be perfectly described by a mandarin idiom, “frogs in a well”, which is basically a metaphor for uninformed and dumbed down citizens.

Tell me what you think about Net Neutrality. If you truly see the importance of Net Neutrality, help spread the importance of it to everyone you know.

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5 Responses to “How Important Is Net Neutrality?”

  1. used tires Says:

    It scares me what the internet might become in the future, I seriously hope nothing is censored, and we have a free internet, where anyone and everyone can do whatever they want, like we enjoy today.

    Till then,


  2. MAICLE Says:

    Internet is very useful to everyone. I believe in the future internet is more powerful.

  3. resimler Says:

    Seriously hope nothing is censored, and we have a free internet, where anyone and everyone can do whatever they want, like we enjoy today..
    Though, it makes me wondering how many times people have already fallen for it.

  4. Jayce Says:

    Open… I want a open not monitoring nor block Internet world. Everyone have the right to know the truth. :)

  5. Rehabilitation Sarasota Says:

    Internet is very important day by day. We learn many new things and get information about anythings from internet.

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