How To Disassemble Laptop (Dell Latitude E4300)

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How To Disassemble Laptop (Dell Latitude E4300)

It has been awhile since I actually disassembled a laptop or even written an article. Fortunately, when I was back in hometown for new year, my brother who trusted my ability to disassemble laptop had offered me the opportunity to clean his Dell Latitude E4300.

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This guide will explain detailed step by step way on how to dismantle to clean a Dell Latitude E4300 notebook.


Advices taken here are taken at your own risk. will be held no responsibility if your laptop malfunction or lose your warranty.

NOTE: Even though Dell said disassembling laptop yourself would lose your warranty, but I haven’t void anybody’s warranty in any possible way yet.

Tools You Need For Dismantling and Cleaning

  1. Philips Screwdriver (Size #0 is great)
  2. Flat Blade Screwdriver (usually a test pen)
  3. A brush (about 1 inch or 2 cm wide would do it, not too big)

It pays to go to your nearest hardware store and get a well fit Phillips screwdriver because you don’t want to spoil the screws in your laptop.

Before You Start

Here are a few things you’ll need to do before you start to disassemble your Dell Latitude E4300.

  1. Clear your Table
    Ensure that you have plenty of space (1 meter square would be great) to put all the components so they won’t go missing or falling off the table.
  2. Prepare a Small Container for Screws
    Every single screws taken out from the laptop has their own job in keeping the computer intact. Don’t lose them.
  3. Disconnect all the Cables & Components
    It’s wise to disconnect all usb cables, pendrives, power cords.
  4. Put Some Cloth or Thin Sponge Under the Laptop
    To make sure that the rough table surface would not scratch your laptop.
  5. Remove the Battery
    To remove the battery from your Dell Latitude E4300, unlock 2 of the latches and remove the battery out from the battery bay.
  6. Ground the Motherboard
    When the battery is removed, simply ground the motherboard by pressing on the power button for a few seconds.
  7. Ground your Hands
    Ground your hands by wearing a wrist grounding strap or touching an unpainted metal surface from time to time.

Getting excited? We’re good to go now.

Step 1 : Remove The Harddisk

Always (I mean like every freaking time), remove the harddisk first and store it inside an antistatic bag if possible.

  1. Turn the laptop upside down. Note the harddisk is at the lower right hand corner.
  2. Unscrew two M3x3 screws.
  3. Slide the harddisk out from it’s compartment.

Step 2 : Remove The Hinge Cover

I like the hinge cover in E4300, very flexible (very easy to break too) and easy to remove.

  1. Note the indentation at the right side of the hinge cover, that’s the place where you start.
  2. Pry up the hinge cover using your test pen.
  3. Slowly lift up the whole thing from right to left.

Step 3 : Remove The Keyboard

After you remove the hinge cover, you can see three screws that secures the keyboard.

  1. Unscrew all the three M2x3 screws located at the top of the keyboard.
  2. Lift the keyboard up from the top, then slide the keyboard out.
  3. The connector is not a wire so it slides out together along with the keyboard.

Step 4 : Remove The LCD Screen

  1. Turn your laptop upside down, remove two M2.5×4 screws securing the display assembly on the white support.
  2. Remove two more M2.5×4 screws at the back of the laptop
  3. Turn the laptop rightside up and open the screen as far as possible.
  4. Remove the display cable with the blue tab.
  5. Remove 3 (white, grey, black) antennas that is labelled “Display”.
  6. Slowly lift the LCD screen out from its respective compartments.

Step 5 : Remove The Palm Rest

Note that this is the hardest part during a laptop disassembly. Be extra careful here to make sure every cable are dislodged and every screw is unscrewed before taking the palm rest apart.

  1. Turn the laptop upside down and remove the two M2.5×8 from the bottom of the computer and two M2x3 screws from the harddisk’s compartment.
    Obviously, I forgot to remove the harddisk first, sorry.
  2. Turn the laptop rightside up, remove the five M2.5×8 screws and five M2.5×5 screws from the palm rest. The sizes are labelled beside each screw.
  3. Remove 6 cables that connects the palm rest to the motherboard.
  4. Start from the back of the laptop, slowly disengage every hooks until you have the whole palm rest out.

NOTE: If you think something is not right with the palm rest (it is not coming out or something), chances is that there are still some screws or cable still connected. Trust your instincts.

Step 6 : Remove The Dirty Fan

After the palm rest have been removed, you can see the system fan clearly.

  1. Disconnect the cable that connects the fan to the motherboard.
  2. Remove one M2.5×5 screw.

Sponge of dust would usually clog the air vent. It is extremely normal actually.

There you go, Dell Latitude E4300 disassembled.

Please inform me if I missed any of the crucial steps, wrote wrong screw dimensions or even forgot to add the tools needed to complete this guide.

More laptop disassembly guides at the Laptop Disassembly Archive.

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  1. Laptop Repair Ealing Says:

    Laptops have too many problems to be honest. They are too esy to break and repairs dont come cheap. Excellent article though, probably saved someone some money!

  2. mobile phone Says:

    Great tutorial with good images. This looks well prepare….and a lot of time went into this. Well done

  3. Komodo Dragons Says:

    @Laptop Repair Ealing, I think it all depends on what laptop you buy, I bought one from dell about 3 years ago, and it is still going strong. So I think it all depends on the user of the laptop along with the actual laptop you buy!

  4. New Business Ideas Says:

    Looks like such a hassle but well worth it, my local PC superstore charges a fixed rate of $250 for laptop repair (doesnt matter whats wrong with it, same price) what a rip off

  5. Excel Forum Says:

    Disassemble Laptop all is looking easy work but every person never Disassemble Laptop all is depend on knowles of persons thanks for nice sharing.

  6. used tires Says:

    @New Business Ideas, that’s a ridiculous rate for sure! At that sort of a rate you’d be better off buying a new computer at that point.

    Till then,


  7. Nickcx Says:

    Thanks a lot for this – working with a few of these at my company and it has been very useful. Thanks for taking the time to put it online.

  8. Elliot Says:

    Great article, would never have managed to fit a new bluetooth chip without it. Many thanks!

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