How To Disassemble Laptop (Dell Inspiron 6400/E1505)

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How To Disassemble Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop

Last week I was irritated by the pace of my Dell Inspiron 6400/E1505 Laptop’s ability to play movies in High Definition. It lagged at 20 minutes after the movie started and I was pissed off. So I decided to disassemble my Dell Inspiron 6400 to clean it once and for all!

This “How To” guide will provide a step by step guide to Dismantle your Dell Inspiron 6400/E1505 Laptop.


This guide is made just to show you a step by step sequence on how to disassemble your Dell Inspiron 6400/E1505. Advices taken here are taken at your own risk. take no responsibility if you break any of the hardware and lose your warranty.

NOTE: Even though Dell said disassembling yourself would lose your warranty, but I have not torn any warranty paper since I last dismantle. So, do it at your own risk.

Tools You Need For Dismantling

  1. Philips Screwdriver (around 2.5 mm will do)
  2. Flat Blade Screwdriver

Before You Start

Please note that before you start to unscrew anything, make sure there are no power connections to the laptop. Your battery is the main source of power, so it’s wise to remove the battery.

How to remove battery on a Dell Inspiron 6400?

  1. Push the battery latch to the left.
  2. Lift the battery out from it’s compartment.


NOTE: You will also need quite a big space to put all the components you want to disassemble, so clear out your table before starting. Also, get yourself a small container to put all the screws because there are more than 15 screws to take out when disassembling.

Now ground yourself and your Dell Inspiron 6400’s motherboard to avoid any electrostatic discharge. To ground yourself, simply wear a wrist grounding strap or touching an unpainted metal surface from time to time. Press the power button to ground the motherboard.

Step 1: Remove The Harddisk

The harddisk is located just next to the battery. To remove your harddisk on a Dell Inspiron 6400,

  1. There are two screws M3x3mm screws you will need to unscrew.
  2. Apply some force and push the harddisk out from its bay.


NOTE: Step 1 is not really needed but because the harddisks are fragile things. I recommend removing it before tampering with other stuff. Also store the harddisk in an antistatic bag to protect it against electrostatic discharge.

Step 2: Remove The Optical Drive

Your optical drive (CDROM) is located just at the opposite of the harddisk. To remove it,

  1. Unscrew the screw that has a packlock icon just beside it.  (Only 1 screw)
  2. You will see a metal slab after the screw is taken out.
  3. Push the metal slab with your screw driver and pull the optical drive from the other side.


Step 3: Remove The Hinge Cover

This is the hard part. Even after a few times of disassembling my Dell Inspiron 6400, I still have difficulties removing the Hinge Cover because the plastic cover is just too fragile. But it does not mean it is impossible to remove.

  1. Push the LCD screen downwards so that it is aligned with your keyboard.
  2. Notice the small indentation on the right side of the palm rest.
  3. Use your flat bladed screwdriver to slowly (and gently) pry open the hinge cover.
  4. The hinge cover is connected right up to the part where the monitor is connected to the base of the laptop. You might also want to try to lift the hinge cover from there.


Step 4: Remove The Keyboard

Of course, you have come so far, you can see the screws that are keeping the LCD screen intact. You want to take the LCD screen off as soon as possible. But keep in mind that the keyboard are covering some of the wires. To remove the keyboard,


  1. Unscrew two M2.5 x 5mm (smaller) screws that connects the keyboard to the base.
  2. Use your flat bladed screwdriver to push the keyboard forward (to the direction of the LCD).
  3. You might also want to try to lift the keyboard up from one of the tabs located at the left side of the “Escape Button”.
  4. Take extreme note here. Your keyboard is connected to the motherboard via a very thin cable. Gently rotate the keyboard so that you can have access to the cable slot.
  5. Unclip the keyboard cable then only you can pull the cable out of the slot.


Step 5: Remove The LCD Screen

Now the fun part.


  1. There are 2 antenna cables and a display cable connected to a ground wire to disconnect from the motherboard.
  2. Just apply some force to disconnect the antenna cables out from the Mini-Card.
  3. Loosen the ground wire and disconnect the display cable using the tab.
  4. Unscrew two M2.5 x 8mm screws at the bottom of the laptop.
  5. Unscrew two M2.5 x 8mm screws at the back of the laptop.
  6. Unscrew two M2.5 x 5mm screws that connect the LCD screen to the base of the laptop.



NOTE: Take extreme care of the standby switch (white colored, located just around the antenna cables. They are so thin that I suspect it would be easily broken.

Step 6: Remove The Palm Rest

If you are disassembling your Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop for the first time, this is the hardest part. The Palm Rest is very tightly clamped to the base, making it nearly impossible very hard to lift the palm rest for the first time. It’s just like a girl losing their virginity for the first time I suppose, and her name is “Dell Insipron 6400″.

I personally think this is the hardest part because I myself spent about 5 freaking hours trying to figure out how to dismantle the damned palm rest. The polymer (I assume they are) used to make the laptop can be bent for quite a margin which scares me because if I bend it more, it would definitely break. So, don’t try to bend anything when you’re removing the palm rest.

But the next time you disassemble your laptop, this will be the easiest part. Like I said, like girls losing their virginity for the first time.


Sorry, I forgot to take a picture with the Palm Rest.

  1. Unscrew the remaining 11 M2.5 x 8mm screws located at the bottom of the laptop.
  2. After that, you might want to take a look at the area where your “Power Button” is located, there’s a black screw located right at the bottom of it. Loosen the screw. NOTE: You can’t take the screw out so don’t bother trying with any magnetic screwdrivers.
  3. There are two cables you will need to disconnect here. One is the standby switch cable and another blue one (touch pad cable) located beside the coin sized battery. Use the same method you used to disconnect the keyboard.
  4. Now the hard part (if you’re dismantling for the first time). The 4 corners of the palm rest should be wobbling right now, ignore them. What you need to focus here are the center parts of the palm rest, which is clipped to the base.
  5. There are two clips that are very tightly clipped so you need to pry it open with a flat bladed screwdriver. A loud crack confirms that the clip is broken you have successfully unclipped the palm rest.
  6. Do the same thing for the clip on the front.


There you go, your Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop disassembled. Take extreme care from here onwards. Clean whatever that is necessary, don’t apply force on area you think you shouldn’t touch.

I captured a few videos, but they were captured from the wrong angle. So we will just have to wait until I disassemble my Dell Inspiron 6400 next time for the video.

I hope this guide would help anybody who wants to disassemble their Dell Inspiron 6400 for cleaning or etc. Do leave some comments if I left any steps out. Happy Disassembling!

UPDATE: If you have difficulties disassembling your laptop, I would gladly help you out, Free. The idea is not to break your components. Contact me and we’ll discuss the details.

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170 Responses to “How To Disassemble Laptop (Dell Inspiron 6400/E1505)”

  1. mayzen Says:

    well i was wondering, cleaning will make my 6400 go faster???

    No, cleaning your 6400 would only help restoring the speed that you had when it’s new.

    FYI, the hole that allows air intake towards your processor and your graphic card is just approximately 30(width) x 3(length), in millimeter.

    When I opened my laptop, the hole I was explaining above was clumped by a lot of dust. I cleared that part and the heat sink located at the back of your laptop. And now my laptop does not lag like a month ago anymore. In fact, I think it’s as fast as when it was new…well maybe not 100% as fast.

  2. Angelina Lee Says:

    Thank you, James. I followed your instructions to open my lap top successfully. I need to learn more on repairings. I think everyone like me will hope to see you to write more on how to repair & solve computer problems.

  3. James Wee Says:

    I am really glad I am able to help. Great job opening your laptop though.

  4. Sydney Computer Boss Says:

    Hi, boy. I need someone to help me to repair my customers’ computer. U can work with me part time, are u OK?

    I am willing work part time (I am actually searching for one). Do you mind to email me so we can discuss about this?

    Fill in the form there, we’ll talk about this through email.

  5. mayzen Says:

    omg. that’s wayyyyyyy coolllllll!!!!!

  6. xcen Says:

    Hahahah, I call Dell see this website and bye bye your warranty!!!

    Okok jk jk dont come my house to kill me.

    Oh ya, it’s a very nice guide. Actually this guide can apple to other laptop models too, just need to be smart because there are some difference.

  7. TC Says:

    If I want to replace the speaker, do I have to disassemble the whoe thing?

    Yes, because to replace the speaker you need to remove the palm rest. So yeah you need to disassemble it.
  8. M M Says:

    How could I replace the mousepad only, (not the whole palm rest)…?

    I haven’t tried that before, but the mousepad(touchpad) comes together with the palm rest. They come in a pair it seems.
  9. James Galforth Says:

    Thanks so much, James, for going above and beyond explaining the disemble process. It helped me out!

  10. James Wee Says:

    Quote(James Galforth on January 6th, 2009 at 5:43 am):
    Thanks so much, James, for going above and beyond explaining the disemble process. It helped me out!

    Not a problem. It’s always a pleasure to help.

  11. Kickin Myself Says:

    Well, I feel really STUPID but I broke my laptop trying to do a really easy upgrade. I wanted to install more RAM. I didn’t check out any videos first and simply unscrewed all of the damned screws on the back thinking I could just lift the cover. The hard drive slid out and thankfully didn’t fall out. So, I checked out a video on youtube and saw what I did wrong. Took battery out, popped out the original RAM and put in the new RAM. Put all the screws back in. Waste of time. Laptop won’t power up at all, screen won’t even light up. So, will following your very awesome instructions to disassemble and reassemble help me fix my problem. Otherwise I’m stuck paying around $65/hr for someone else to do the job. If I damaged the hard drive when it slid out would that cause a problem like this? Seems to me I did something when I took all of the screws out and tried to life the cover.

  12. James Wee Says:

    Quote(Kickin Myself on January 9th, 2009 at 11:36 am):
    Well, I feel really STUPID but I broke my laptop trying to do a really easy upgrade. I wanted to install more RAM. I didn’t check out any videos first and simply unscrewed all of the damned screws on the back thinking I could just lift the cover. The hard drive slid out and thankfully didn’t fall out. So, I checked out a video on youtube and saw what I did wrong. Took battery out, popped out the original RAM and put in the new RAM. Put all the screws back in. Waste of time. Laptop won’t power up at all, screen won’t even light up. So, will following your very awesome instructions to disassemble and reassemble help me fix my problem. Otherwise I’m stuck paying around $65/hr for someone else to do the job. If I damaged the hard drive when it slid out would that cause a problem like this? Seems to me I did something when I took all of the screws out and tried to life the cover.

    That’s sad. BTW, if you are using Inspiron 6400. There’s no need to disassemble the whole laptop to install more rams.

    There is a compartment right at the base of the laptop. Located right in the middle and you unscrew 2 screws ONLY. Then you can install up to 2 RAMs maximum.

    Your hard drive shouldn’t slip out because it’s very tightly (even without screws) connected to it’s own port. But even if it falls and spoils, your laptop would still power up.

    But laptop don’t power up after you disassemble it? That shouldn’t happen. Check for power related stuff like battery, connectors, adapters etc. It’s quite uncommon for laptops not to power up.

  13. Kickin Myself Says:

    I haven’t disassembled yet. Getting ready to print off your instructions and clear off my dining room table so I’ve got plenty of room and notes. I’ll let you know the verdict:-) Thanks again.

  14. Tom P. Says:

    Many Thanks James.
    I was heading the wrong direction when I thought to stop and see if I could consult someone that had done this. Fortunately I found your post. Dell needed to change the Mother Board on this machine when it was still under warranty so I didn’t experience any “virginal” challenges. I was able to dissasemble, clean and re-assemble the laptop without a problem and it is now running great. Your step-by-step instructions and illustrations were outstanding. I don’t think Dell could have written a better procedure.

  15. Dana Says:

    Hi I have a question.. My boyfriend spilt water onhis laptop and it won’t power up. The battery light turns on for a second right when I put the charger in it. But the computer screen remains black when I try to turn it on. And then the whole thing just turns black after3-5 seconds. I tried turning it on while holding FN and the 3 lights all turned green. I read somewhere that maybe cleaning out some cables inside might do the trick, but I’m not sure which ones? Hopefully you can help us out. Thank-you!

  16. James Wee Says:

    Quote(Dana on January 12th, 2009 at 10:51 pm):
    Hi I have a question.. My boyfriend spilt water onhis laptop and it won’t power up. The battery light turns on for a second right when I put the charger in it. But the computer screen remains black when I try to turn it on. And then the whole thing just turns black after3-5 seconds. I tried turning it on while holding FN and the 3 lights all turned green. I read somewhere that maybe cleaning out some cables inside might do the trick, but I’m not sure which ones? Hopefully you can help us out. Thank-you!

    That’s bad, electronics never mix well with water.
    I’d like to help but to be honest, I have no idea how. And I haven’t bumped into any websites that says cleaning out some cables would help because logically that doesn’t make sense.

    Here’s my suggestion though:
    1. If you still have full cover warranty, Dell would replace it for you free!
    2. If you don’t have warranty left, consider calling up Dell and see what they can do to fix it.

    All the best to you and your boyfriend.

  17. David Dee Says:


    We have a problem with the power connector on the motherboard of our E1505. The power connection is intermittent and you have to jiggle the plug as it goes into the connector but its not much of a solution. I’ve seen this as a problem on my old Dell 600m and I got the motherboard replaced when it was under warranty. Unfortunately I don’t have this system under warranty.

    I followed your excellent instructions on disassembling. I need to go further and remove the plate underneath the board to get access to the connector. Do you think I could re-solder the connector?

  18. James Wee Says:

    Quote(David Dee on January 14th, 2009 at 8:07 pm):

    We have a problem with the power connector on the motherboard of our E1505. The power connection is intermittent and you have to jiggle the plug as it goes into the connector but its not much of a solution. I’ve seen this as a problem on my old Dell 600m and I got the motherboard replaced when it was under warranty. Unfortunately I don’t have this system under warranty.

    I followed your excellent instructions on disassembling. I need to go further and remove the plate underneath the board to get access to the connector. Do you think I could re-solder the connector?

    Removing all the motherboard you mean? That’s a lot of work to do. You’ll need to remove all the Graphic card, Processor, Heatsinks and express card thing. I never done this before, I’ll get a dell rep to do it if I need to go so far.

    Having said that, my feeling is that you could re-solder the connector, given that there is a soldering fault with the connector. If there’s nothing wrong with the solder, then don’t resolder it because we have no idea if that’s the correct place to fix your problem.

    I’ll strongly suggest you to call up a Dell Representative and get their advice.

  19. alej Says:

    Very good and solidarious job James. I was gonna dismantle my gf’s laptop (whose fan is crying out for its soul-clensing) like I’ve done with a few dozen laptops before. Just googled in here because I wanted to have a guided back-up just in case I end up with extra-screws.

    Anyway I just wanted to support you on your last feeling towards David Dee’s problem. Whenever I’ve found with such a power intermittance problem, 5 times out of 5 the reason behind it was a poor soldering on the motherboard’s connector.

    Keep up the good altruistic and educational work.


  20. Vinod Says:


    I have a laptop that I bought off Ebay where they had spilled wine and it stopped working. The battery is completely dead as the battery light flashes red, even after an overnight charge, and there’s no juice even to power the initial bootup. There is no hard disk either. There aren’t any obvious wine ingress anywhere and the screws at the bottom don’t show any signs of ever having been opened. By the battery, there is a very small sign of some sticky fluid, so guess that the wine had affected the battery and/or the charging circuitry.
    Before I order a new sata drive…when I power up on mains power, the three green LED’s on the left power up and the power led illuminates for three seconds, the screen doesn’t light up. My questions to you guys is that when you remove the hard disk and battery and power up, is that what you should expect? and the second question is that are there any diagnostics I can do before I order the hard disk?

    Many thanks!!

  21. James Wee Says:

    If you remove the harddisk and battery, your laptop wouldn’t power up unless you plug in the power connector. Even if you do that, the laptop would power up no matter what.

    The Bios would not detect the harddisk (since it’s not there) and return an error telling you something like “harddisk not detected”.

    Since your laptop (if it’s Dell) can’t boot up, you can’t do any diagnostics.

    Also, check this out (LED Error Codes)

    I suggest asking manufacturer (Dell) to see they have any solutions to this problem or not.

  22. Vinod Says:

    Hi James, it is an Inspiron 6400. With the power connector I guessed that the screen would at least show some signs of life, or at best return some error message. I have an Inspiron 6000 which i’ve overclocked from 1.3 to 1.73Ghz, but still runs a bit slow, hence I was hoping that duo processor would be much faster.

    Oh well I think I will have to open it up and look inside for obvious damage before I start throwing more money at it.

    Thanks for your help.

  23. Blaine Says:


    I have a problem the hinge seems to be popping out the back of the lcd cover. Bottom right. The back white casing is lifting from the grey casing that surrounds the lcd. Have you ever taken apart the casing around the LCD.

  24. James Wee Says:

    Quote(Blaine on February 12th, 2009 at 2:21 pm):

    I have a problem the hinge seems to be popping out the back of the lcd cover. Bottom right. The back white casing is lifting from the grey casing that surrounds the lcd. Have you ever taken apart the casing around the LCD.

    Blaine, no I haven’t because dust doesn’t enter the LCD screen.
    My guess is some of the screws in the rubber bumpers wasn’t tightened properly. Try checking them out.

  25. Wap Says:

    Hi James. I have a problem with powering on my dell inspiron 6400. I can see only power led is on but dvd tray can be open and i heard hdd and fan spin as usual others seems not working. I tried remove the ram and turn it on i can see some more leds flashing (caps lock, numb lock…) when i reinstall the ram the flashing went out and left only power led again. It just happened today cos yesterday it works as usuall. Please help me. Thanks.
    Ps. The LCD screen just newly replaced from WSXGA+ to WUXGA.

  26. James Wee Says:

    Wap, does it work right after you replace the LCD screen?
    If it doesn’t, try to check whether the display cable is plugged into the slot or not. (And yes that means you’ll have to disassemble your inspiron 6400)

  27. Sandi Says:

    Hi James, I have just bought a lcd panel to go into my Dell Inspiron 6400. It fits, showing the desk top screen for an instant but is showing colored vertical lines with no picture at all. I have checked the connections to the panel and the back light and power ALL seem fine. Will I have to check the connector to the video/graphics… you know the one after the removal of the keyboard on your instructions? I have connected the desk top monitor to the laptop in the past to acquire files… but when I tried to today it only shows the windows start up screen for a few seconds and then the desk top screen goes into standby and will not switch screen on when I wiggle mouse or the pointer device. Im guessing it may be the LCD panel..Do I need to update drivers? If so how can I make my lap top except my desk top monitor? Please giv me some advice before I return the new Panel. Cheers Sandi

  28. James Says:

    The reason your Desktop Monitor is not working is because the LCD panel has already been connected.

    Double check to see if all the connections are properly fit into the slot.
    Check to see if the ground wire is screwed in.
    You don’t need drivers for monitors.

    If everything from your side seems normal, bring the LCD panel back and check with the store to see if it’s faulty or not.
    So far I’ve only seen vertical lines appear only in damaged screens.

  29. Nicolai Says:

    Is it possible to put the antenna cables in wrong? There are two antenna connectors (one black, the other white) and there are two arrows (white and black) pointing at the connectors… i know there really shouldn’t be a problem, but i’ve noticed that you connected the white to the black and vice versa…

    Could it cause a problem?
    (i guess not because Dell did the same in their guide. btw, great work on making that guide!)

  30. Nicolai Says:

    woops neverind! found it… (classical example of RTFM) sorry!

  31. Jennette Says:

    Hey, I was just wondering if I need to take my whole laptop apart to replace the fan? It is making a horrendous noise anytime it comes on and I have had to place another fan behind it to keep it cool….but cant go hillbilly forever! lol

  32. James Says:

    Well, define “horrendous noise”. Because my view over loud noise might be a little different compared to yours.

    But my suggestion is to open it to see what’s inside.

  33. Gretto Says:

    Awesome dude. Needed to fix my POS screen that kept wobbling, wouldn’t have figured it out without those pics. Thanks.

  34. Matt Davis Says:

    Thanks for posting this stuff. I recently graduated to a larger HD, replaced the Keyboard, and replaced the clamshell behind the LCD. I wish I’d had your instructions then. Since then, I’ve been having fun thinking about getting a used ‘parts’ laptop to experiment with and tinker around with, so I got one last week. Turns out the HD was bad. Now I’m wanting to upgrade it from ‘core solo’ to core 2 duo.

    Is this possible with the 6400 Inspirons? I’ve never taken off the palm rest, but am assuming that the CPU is right there under the palm rest.

    Thanks again for the guide.

  35. James Says:

    Did you actually got the wobbling screen fixed? From my experience, it only helps a bit if you tighten the screws.

    Matt Davis
    I’m not sure about the that, but do check out the processor’s socket numbers. If they are the same, you can upgrade from single core to core 2 duo.

  36. Dhiren Says:

    Hey, I’m assuming my 6400 is full with quite a bit of dust since the fan seems to be running more often now than it used to. I’ve bought one of those air-spray cans to clean out the dust but do I need to disassemble my laptop fully to get access to wherever the dust is likely to be (would I only need to remove the keyboard to get access to the fans/anything on which dust may have collected?)

  37. James Says:

    Removing the keyboard would only allow you to have access until the palm rest. Cleaning from there is not effective and I don’t think you can see the fan from there as well.

    The best method is to just disassemble the palm rest, then you have access to most of the dusts located in your laptop.

  38. Dhiren Says:

    I’ve disassembled my laptop and managed to clean out quite a few clumps of dust. Brilliant instructions James and thanks for the help!

  39. Chris Says:

    I am having a problem I dropped my laptop and the hard drive popped out (the screws were gone) so now when i turn it on the powerlight comes on but the screen remains black and the hard drive doesn’t make any noise. Do you have any idea what could be the problem?

  40. James Says:

    Usually when a hard drive receives impact. It’s a goner and chances of reviving it is extremely slim.

    However, if only the hard drive is dead, your computer will still boot up and tell you that it can’t detect any hard drive.

    For your case, I have a feeling that more than just the hard drive is spoilt. I suggest phoning dell to see if they have any solutions to the problem. At this stage the best person to ask for help is Dell personnels.

  41. Smarak Says:

    Hi James,
    Thanks for this brilliant guide. My dell inspiron 6400 has been ne’er persistent attack from my 10 month old daughter. It started freezing every now and then so I had to power off and restart many times. Since yesterday the poor fellow (my 6400) refuses to power up (perhaps as a protest to the constant torture!)
    when I try to switch it on, it starts for about three seconds, I can hear the fan and then it goes back in to coma. It is outside the warranty period. Spoke to. Dell. They suggest reseating the memory. I will try that. Could something be loose on the mother board? Could it be the video card? I am scared that the mother board is affected. If reseating the RAM does not solve, what are my options?


  42. James Says:

    I have never experienced before any PC/Laptop that starts up for 3 seconds and stops afterward. Usually it starts up forever without displaying anything or does not start up at all.

    To answer your question, if reseating the RAM doesn’t work, I afraid there’s a larger problem involved. Like you said, motherboard, hard drive, etc.

  43. Smarak Says:

    Thanks James for your quick reply. Sorry if I sid not convey my question properly. Actually nothing appears on the screen. I can only hear the laptop trying to power up but just the LEDs blink for about three seconds.

  44. James Says:

    If you read above, at Vinod and Wap’s post, they also had a LEDs blink for a few seconds.

    Those are indicators that one of your component is not working properly. I actually asked Dell Support whether they have a copy of those LED error codes online or not. They said they don’t have it. So it’s better that if you can explain what LED is blinking to the Dell Support so that they can guide you through it.

    Also, reseat your RAM before doing that. Most of the time it’s the deoxidization of the copper pins of the RAM.

  45. Smarak Says:

    I reseated the RAMs and it worked. The freezing of the monitor is also gone now. Thanks mate for your help.

  46. Christy Says:

    Hi, quick question here. I took my computer apart for the first time following your directions, and I’m fairly sure I got it back together right, however the touch pad isnt working on the laptop anymore. Is there something that I forgot to reconnect?

  47. James Says:

    Hi Christy,
    Yes I’m pretty sure you’ve forgotten to connect the cable that is supposed to be located right beside the coin sized battery (First picture of Step 6).

    Don’t worry I bumped into this problem before as well. Just disassemble again, connect the cable properly and wholla!

  48. Dharmin Says:

    Hi James,

    My 6400’s screen is loose from the hinges and it starts swinging even when a sit below the fan. I have never ever opened a laptop before how can I fix this problem without risking my laptop?

    Thanks in advance!!

  49. James Says:

    There’s no way this can be fixed completely. However, you can screw the hinge so that it’s a little tighter.
    All you need to do is :
    1. Take off the hinge cover
    2. Screw the hinge located at both sides of the LCD screen.

    This will make the screen a little tighter. Like I said there’s no way to fix this unless you change the whole LCD screen, which is impossible under a warranty because this is classified as wear and tear situation I think.
    Give it a try and see how it turns out :)

  50. Dharmin Says:

    Thanks for the neat step by step tips. I cleaned my laptop and assembled it again to be fully functioning.

  51. Brenton Says:

    Hi I have a 6400 that wont power up at all. Pushing the battery inicator level shows all green lights. My cable lights green when plugged in to power but goes out when plugged into computer. Have contacted dell they suggest extending warrantee for 12 months for $480 AUD and get technician to sort it out. Anty ideas?

  52. James Says:

    Extending warranty for a crazy $480? That’s not worth it, you might as well get a new laptop. :D

    By the way, try reseating the RAM and see how it goes from there. Usually it will work.

  53. sauce Says:

    I took my Dell E1505 laptop apart as you showed above. Once I put it back together it won’t boot up. When I press the power button the LED light blinks once but nothing happens. When I connect the A/C power cord the LED indicator light, blinks once but will not stay steady. Either way with the power cord attached or not attached it won’t boot up. Any suggestions? I’ve tried most of what you have suggested in other post…but still have a dead laptop.

  54. James Says:

    Well, power cord plugged or not does not matter as long as a fully charged battery is in there.

    Unless Dell gives me their list of LED light indicator else I wouldn’t know what is wrong with your laptop. However, I would try reseat the RAM first. If it does not work, I will contact Dell and ask them for some ideas.

    I hope that your computer is alright … after the disassembly.

  55. Marcia Says:

    Thanks, although my laptop is the 7000, and there is nothing anywhere for it, i was able to somewhat find the inside of it. do you have anything on the 7000? To give you some background on it, it was given to me dead. lol I was told it was struck by lightening, but what it looks like now that i have it apart, is that they had it plugged into the phone jack for the internet. I’m going to try to get that out, or bypass it, to see if the laptop works.. There is power to it, there is nothing wrong with the screen or backlight ( I had it checked), the signal just isnt’ getting to the right places. I hope this works, do you have any suggestions?

  56. James Says:

    Sorry, I do not have anything on the 7000. A laptop getting struck by lightning, that’s rare. Unfortunately, I’ve never encountered these before so I don’t have the ability to give any suggestions.

  57. Sauce Says:

    Thanks James for your reply. I tried it all again and still nothing. If you could ask your contacts at Dell if they have a suggestion that would be great. Otherwise I guess I’ll ask the IT guys at work or take it to a computer repair shop close by.

    Thanks again for your time.

  58. Fritz Says:

    My laptop has a problem.. Some key on my laptop is not working like the minus, equal, home, delete…. I don’t know what happened on it…. any solution on this except of replacing another keypad…

  59. James Says:

    There was once when I noticed that my shift and my tab button is not working properly, as in I can’t press it completely downwards. I took advantage of my Dell Full Cover warranty to replace the keyboard.

    Months later, when I disassemble my laptop, I realized that some other keys had the same symptoms as the one before. I used the brush to brush off the dirt inside and it was working fine again.

    I don’t know if you have the same problem or not. But I do hope it is the same as mine because it is not a major problem and can be fixed easily.

  60. David Says:


    I have a E1505 that likes to crash shortly after the power charger is plugged into the back of the laptop.

    The laptop runs perfect on battery power for hours with no problems. When i plug the charger in the back to charge the battery, minutes later the computer freezes and automatically restarts, or the screen just goes black and freezes. When the screen goes black, the only way to fix it is to hold the power button until the computer shuts down to restart.

    I have read other forums with people describing similar problems but haven’t found a solution yet. Reinstalling the OS did not help. I have tried so many different things but nothing helps. I even took the battery out and ran the laptop with the power cord only. It still froze up on me.

    Any ideas?

  61. James Says:

    Does the fan switches itself on very quickly when you turn on your PC?

    Because from what I’ve experienced before, battery powered E1505 only runs at about 50-70% of the max performance. The processor would only run at 100% when the power cord is connected. That generates lots of heat.

    I suspect that the laptop is overheating itself thus shutting freezes/shutting off to save itself. That’s the reason why I asked you about the fan earlier.

    Many laptops lose their performance all because of dust clotting in the air vents.

  62. David Says:

    The fan turns on shortly after turning the laptop on while running off the battery. The fan seems to be working properly.

    The issue talked about in the forum linked below is almost exactly what is happening to my pc, but their solution in the ATI control panel did not solve my problem.

    I appreciate your suggestions though. Thanks for the help!

    Quote(James on May 3rd, 2009 at 1:03 am):

    Does the fan switches itself on very quickly when you turn on your PC?

    Because from what I’ve experienced before, battery powered E1505 only runs at about 50-70% of the max performance. The processor would only run at 100% when the power cord is connected. That generates lots of heat.

    I suspect that the laptop is overheating itself thus shutting freezes/shutting off to save itself. That’s the reason why I asked you about the fan earlier.

    Many laptops lose their performance all because of dust clotting in the air vents.

  63. James Says:

    Hmm, I think I misunderstood your question.
    Well the only time I got monitor turns itself off is when the power cord is plugged and I leave the laptop idle for a long period of time. I’ll revive it by closing the LCD lid and open it up again, then the screen switches itself up.

    If this doesn’t help, follow every instructions from the link you gave me.

  64. gary vinson Says:

    James, I want to be sure I don’t break something, so I need to be clear. Ive got all screws loose for a cleaning. I’m worried prying my virgin open. Can you post a couple of pics or something. It doesn’t want to open the first time like you say and it does seem like if I pull with pressure it might give, but I need to be sure how you want us to these virgins wide open. You’re my only hope Obi-Wan.

  65. James Says:

    Gary Vinson,
    Obi-Wan is a big name there.
    Anyways back to reality, I will guide you through opening your virgin. Start from the back, pry the part that I show you in the last picture. If it doesn’t work, try it with much more force.

    To help ease up the job, maybe you can pull up both the corners at the back first.

    I afraid with limited resources I don’t have the pictures or videos of me doing it. Just be brave, virgins like brave men.

  66. Jamil Says:

    Hi James

    great tutorial,,,,, I followed and cleaned a heap of dust from inside,,,, but after assembling it back,,,,, laptop is not powering on. LEDs lit of few seconds and then it turned off. Same is the result with + On key. Even Battery/charging LED is not litting, do u have any idea ??

    Thanks in advance

  67. James Says:

    Try reseating the RAM, if that doesn’t work. Contact Dell.

  68. Jason Says:

    Hi James.

    Just read your guide and found it rather helpful.

    Me and my dad just bought a Spare/Repairs Dell Inspiron 6400 for £35.

    The computer works perfect everywhere but the only major problems is the cosmetics and sound card.

    We are in need of replacing.
    Top Lid.
    Keyboard Surround
    Palm Rest and touchpad.
    Do you have any ideas on how we could remove the said parts on this Laptop and replacing them with new parts.?

    Also the sound card is acting up.

    Vista will detect the Sound card but no sound will come out from the speakers. do you know if this is a speaker problem or a sound card problem?

    Thanks you.

  69. James Says:

    You should have the replacements ready.
    1. LCD Panel Cover
    2. Keyboard
    3. Hinge Cover
    4. Palm Rest (comes with touch pad I think)
    5. Speaker

    My bet is the speaker is broken, normally Window XP or an OS as new as Vista would be able to have a proper driver for the speaker.

    All the disassembling methods are shown above except for the LCD panel cover.

  70. Dan Says:

    James, my e1505 works fine with no system problems, however my screen has a few lines that run down the screen when it is on. I have bent(only slightly) the screen a little and one goes away for a second. Upon researching online about the problem I have calculated that it might be a simple bit of loose wiring, Where would that be. Since the PC works fine I don’t want to mess it up over some obnoxious lines. WHat sould I look for?
    Your help is greatly appreciated.

  71. James Says:

    If you still have the warranty for your E1505, call up dell and get it replaced.
    There isn’t any way to fix these kinds of problems and I have yet to experience such problems before.

  72. Jason Says:

    Hi again James.

    I recently told you about the sound in my earlier post on this Dell inspiron 6400.

    Now here it is in more detail.

    Vista will detect the sound card in the laptop and will Automatically install the driver needed.

    but when we go to play music no sound will come out of the speakers.
    Even the little icon in the bottom right, when highlighted, will do the little green bar thing to show that sound is playing.

    We have also tried putting headphones inside the jack but even then we hear no sound through the headphones.

    Do you know what to suggest we do?

    Thanks =]

  73. James Says:

    That’s odd, try go to your volume control.
    1. Make sure all the mute checkboxes are not checked.
    2. Make sure the Volume slider is not 0.
    3. Make sure the Wave slider is not 0.

  74. Jason Says:

    already tried it all but still nothing.

    do yu think t could be a problem with sound card?
    or maybe even the motherboard..


  75. James Says:

    It could be. But I have never tinkered with the motherboard before so I can’t give you a 100% answer. Also because detecting problems on the motherboard is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

    Well, I can tell you what I would do if I’m in your position though. When I can’t identify the problem, I would always phone up Dell to ask for advice.

  76. Aaron Garrett Says:

    Just used this guide as a road map to help troubleshoot and fix a black screen after my wife dropped her laptop on the concrete. I took way more than I needed to apart first, and then found your website when I got a little nervous. Was able to correctly disassemble the keyboard and panel below the screen to find the wire running along the base unplugged from the connector site. It was the “break” I had been hoping for. Plugged it in, powered it up and taaa-daaa! Fixed.

    1 drawback– I think the wife (or pooooossibly myself) lost the two screws for the hard drive (m3x3mm). Any suggestions on where to get some and what to do in the meantime???

  77. James Says:

    @Aaron Garrett,
    I’m not too sure if it’s you or your wife who lost the screws. Because I also realized my harddisk is in there without a screw as well.

    Well you’ve already named the screw yourself, M3 x 3mm. Any screws as big as that can fit into the hole.

  78. Subbu Says:

    Thanks for the snaps. I was succussful in following instruction for Dell Inspirion 1505

    Thanks for your work. Please keep doing if possible. it helps lot of people

  79. James Says:

    I’m glad my guide helps a lot of people. Yes this is one of’s project and I would continue doing for more laptops.

  80. Samer Says:

    I would like to thank you, yes it was so useful, I was have a problem on my LCD, I will try to fix it after disasseble my laptop.
    thanks again!

  81. Ghol Says:
  82. Andy Says:

    Great article!
    Managed to get my wife’s Laptop apart after reading this to clean some dried up orange juice from the PCB from ages ago. It had gotten all round the AMP chip and caused the sound to stop working.

    A bit of a clean with a small paintbrush dipped in warm water, a dab and a blow to dry it and we have perfect crystal clear sound again!

  83. Robin Says:

    Thanks for this guide. haven’t tried it out, but i’m sure i’m gonna need to soon because of certain problems.

  84. James Says:

    I’m Glad this article worked for you Andy.

    Robin, definitely ! It’s going to be here forever so no worries mate.

  85. Jiang Says:

    Superb ! works perfectly fine ..

  86. ryan Says:

    hi i just want to take out old keyboard and put in new one how would i do that

    cheers ryan

  87. James Says:

    Yeap, to change your keyboard you will only need to follow step 3 and 4.
    Good luck !

  88. ryan Says:

    yeh i spilt water on the keyboard laptop still works but some keys don’t will replacing the keyboard fix the problem

  89. James Says:

    Yes, replacing the keyboard would solve that problem. Just make sure all the keys in your new keyboard works.

  90. Bohra Says:

    I am having problem with my inspiron lid !

    When i try to close lid ,something is pushing back of my lid (side with dell logo) near bottom right hand outside and creating gap .

    How to handle this issue ?

  91. James Says:

    Hmm, that is a little hard to visualize.

    Do check if there’s any rocks or any thing that could prevent the latch from latching itself with the base?

  92. Gora Ghosh Says:

    Dear James.

    I have a Dell 6400 laptop. It was working well. suddenly the battery is not charging and even it is not working directly. As I have checked, the connector and adaptor are OK. I charged the battery with my friend’s laptop and when I put it in my laptop, it is working through the battery.
    What is the problem? Is it the bad soldering problem of the connector to the motherboard?

    Please give me your advice.
    Gora Ghosh

  93. James Says:

    @Gora Ghosh,
    Whoa, even this problem seems to occur in the 6400?

    Yes that is what I suspect, soldering problem. It has happened in XPS1210 and D610. There is a link there that leads to the solution to the problem.

  94. Gora Ghosh Says:

    Dear James,


    G Ghosh

  95. Andrew Says:

    Thank you for the information.

    I had though my superb Inspiron 6400 was coming to the end of its life due to the screen moving about near the hinges, sometimes powering up the laptop from sleep and also crashing it. Hinge screws were loose – tightened them up and off we go again.

    Job done – thank you for the info on how to dissassemble the hinge cover.

  96. Qichang Says:

    Nice tutorial. Help me save tons of time and avoid the traps

  97. david Says:

    not sure what i did wrong but my keyboard and mousepad dont work, i dont see where to connect the thin cable or if it ever is or was

  98. James Says:

    What do you mean they don’t work, is this after you disassembled or before?

    If it is after, then the cable must have not been connected properly.

    If it is before, then I guess they are dead?

  99. Marcel Says:

    Thanks for the thorough descriptions. I missed two deep screws on the back, after those the palmrest got loose easily… No dust inside so nothing looked wrong.

    My 6400 shows three leds, continuesly on for about 2 seconds.
    With no memory it blinks ‘no memory’
    The hard drive turns on.
    No hard drive in system, same leds, but no sound whatsoever.

    According to post codes (leds), three ‘blinking’ leds means ‘system motherboard error’. In my case the three leds do not blink but stay on until the system shuts down. I have seen that same comment in above posts. Anyone definite answer when they fixed that?

    It could be hard drive related error.


    At the moment it will be considered

  100. James Says:

    Dell don’t provide these LED codes to the public. Thus I have no idea.

    I have a suggestion though, phone up dell customer service. They will definitely be able to help you out because they have the reference to the LED codes.

  101. Marcel Says:

    Problem solved!

    Three lock leds turn on, hard drive spins, but after two seconds system turns off.

    Experiment with moving only one memory module in the memory slots. If system starts with one module, then the other needs cleaning or is defect.

    Found this at Dell.
    maybe more of this also there at Dell.
    I found blink codes, but cannot find link again.

    Marcel signing off

  102. Jason Says:

    Hi James

    I was having trouble with my keyboard every now and then when you typed the letters “Y” “O” or “U” it would cause the cursor to jump back in the sentence thus inserting my text in the middle of senteces. I thought the keyboard was screwed so I followed your great instructions and replaced my keyboard myself but it didn’t fix the problem. What else do you think it could be?…is it getting too hot perhaps?…the fan rarely comes on….any ideas?

  103. James Says:

    Hmmm, that’s weird. That shouldn’t have any concern with the keyboard or the fan.

    Try this, reformat your laptop and see if the the problem still persists.
    It is clearly a software issue, not hardware.

  104. Eric Says:

    James, Im looking to upgrade the processor and have all the information needed as what will work and so forth. My question to you since youve seen the guts. How exactly does the processor chip remove after taking the heatsink off. Can i get to it under the keyboard. Thanks and great detailed instructions. Its going to help alot.

  105. James Says:

    That’s very daring of you.

    Anyways, here are the steps
    1. Do all the steps above.
    2. Remove the Heat sink
    3. Use a flat bladed screwdriver to unlock the processor socket. The screw locks the processor to the socket. Then remove the processor vertically (don’t bend the pins)

    Don’t forget you will need some thermal compound for your new processor as well.

  106. Mark Says:

    Hi James,

    I believe I have a LCD backlight inverter problem but I was wondering if you could confirm or deny my findings.
    I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 and over the past 2 months my screen would flicker randomly both on Battery Power or Plugged in from the adapter. The flickering has gotten worse as time has gone on. Three days ago I started hearing a faint buzzing sound on power up and after I open the LCD screen. Now finally today as I opened the LCD screen the buzzing sound was louder the screen was bright for about 1 second and then went Black. I could faintly see what was loaded on screen. I closed the screen then reopened it again and the same thing happened again. This time I closed the screen unplugged the adapter so it was just running on battery. Now I tried to open the screen and the screen stayed on as it was set to the lowest bright setting. It has stayed this way the whole time I am typing this comment. I as well plugged back in the power adapter and the back light stayed on full bright with no buzzing.
    So I guess I would like to know if it is the inverter is it hard to replace and where is the inverter located in the laptop.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  107. James Says:

    I haven’t experience things like this before. Can’t really help you out.
    But if I did experience stuff like these I would have just replaced the LCD screen.

  108. Jesse Says:

    I have a problem with this laptop my computer will boot into windows fine then freeze and make a loud beeping sound, do you think cleaning the laptop would rectify this problem?

  109. Jesse Says:

    this happens after a certain period of time.

  110. James Says:

    Nope I don’t think cleaning would solve the problem.

  111. Jesse Says:

    well what do you think it could be? i think maybe it is overheating and it is doing this to protect itself. The fans have been spinning fine but maybe one of them died on me. I am also going to see if one of ram memory sticks has failed and see if that fixes it because on several forums I saw it could be a bad sector in my ram.

  112. James Says:

    There is only 1 fan in the Inspiron 6400. Well try to borrow a cooling pad from a friend or keep the room temperature low to see if your laptop shuts itself off or not.

    Yeah, try the RAM and the cooler part.
    If your laptop runs longer (or does not shutdown) due to cooling, you might need to disassemble and clean it.
    If your laptop runs fine after a memory change, then you dont need to disassemble it.

  113. Mike Says:

    Excellent tutorial on the 6400.

    I have upgraded a bog-standard 1.66Ghz (2mb cache) / 120GB HDD / 1Gb RAM / NEC DVD RW as follows:

    New Specs: 2.0Ghz (4mb cache) / 500GB HDD / 4Gb RAM (Reads 3.24 on XP) and a new Samsung IDE DVD +/-RW.

    Massive improvement in performance for not a lot of cash :-)

    Thanks for your help.

  114. Marc Says:


    thank you very much for this detailed and excellent tutorial. Yesterday I cleaned my laptop and it is now quiet, cool and fast.

    Greetings from Germany!

  115. Lynn Says:

    I am trying to figure out if taking the hinge apart will fix my problem. The top of my laptop is opening on one side. On the seam close to the hinge. It can close, but when closed you can see the seam opens alot more. It is very hard to describe. I have pictures, if there is an option to attach. I have not been closing it lately. I was wondering if this would eventually hurt my monitor. Any thoughts. Thanks

  116. Irina Says:

    Hello James,

    Last night I took apart my Inspiton 1405 following your instructions. Thanks a lot. In fact, I didnt remove completely the hthe palm rest (two cables remained connected) because when I removed processor cooling I discovered a dust rug on the rediator, so I stopped there, with partally opened palm rest, just cleane a little pit this part of fan wich I was able to reach without disconnectin the cables.

    But, after I put everithing on place, The laptop is not working.
    The 3 indicators light up for a second, and then coputer is turning off. During this 1 second, nothing happens. The Hard disk and fan are not moving, there is a complete silence inside.
    I suppose I did not attach everythin or somewhre is not good contact. Pleace, help with possible diagnostics!
    I afraid to go in cervice and to say I try alone and now is not working

  117. James Says:

    No I doubt that would hurt the monitor. Try to speak to Dell Customer Service and see what they can do about it.

    Try reseating the RAMs and see if it helps. Usually these problems occurs when the RAMs are not seated properly.

  118. Tony H Says:

    Hi James, followed your instructions to part dissassemble my daughters 6400 laptop as has a problem with hinge closing – same as Blaine 12/2/09, Bohra 22/6/09 and Lynn 21/7/09 above.

    The problem is the hinge, as shown partly in your photo above step 6 in your article, has become disconnected from the display frame (you can see this if you carefully remove the display surround by using a small, sharp screwdriver and unclipping.
    When you close the screen the hinge no longer rotates and the two parts to the hinge pass over one another forcing the screen frame apart – hence the gap.

    The hinge is two part – part 1 ‘pop riveted’ to the display frame, screw connected to part 2 which is in the laptop base.
    You can separtate the two part by undoing and removing the screws – you then have to find a way to ‘re connect’ part 1 to the display frame.
    I have tried various ‘super glues’ and ‘epoxy glue’ but to no avail – whilst the stick the two parts back together when you re connect all screws and close the display screen the pressure on the hinge is too great and the glued connection fails again.

    If you could take internal pressure off the hinge when closing this would help greatly.
    Options now appear to be
    1 Live with it :-(
    2 Find a ‘super super glue!’ that will really ‘weld’ the metal together
    3 Remove internal pressure from hinge so hinge rotates (but screen may become looser)
    4 Obtain replacement Display

    Hope this helps – any further advice appreciated.

  119. Als Says:

    Hi james, explendid guide and very detailed, helped out since the last thing to take out was that one little screw that you said not even magnetic screwdrivers could take out. But since that was the only thing stopping me from take out the palm rest and now thanks to your guide I have been able to gain access to my fan and dust it out. My only concern is if you happened to know by any chance what happens when your screen is really really dark and can barely see anything, everything does show up but really faintly. Does this mean that I connected something wrong? any of the LCD screen cables? Because everything works fine except for the screen display which is really really dark but faintly able to see the contents, any tips or advice on what to do?

  120. James Says:

    Dark screen? Did that happened after the disassemble process? Never experienced that before …

    Try Fn + Up Button.

  121. Christopher Says:

    Thanks! I found this after searching the 6400 docs and the web. I printed this out and will go cleaning! Thanks for putting this up for us noobs. – Chris

  122. InspironUser Says:

    Nice summary. For anyone wanting an easier way to remove the palm rest clips, just slide an old credit card (or other PLASTIC edge, not metal, metal will scratch the plastic) and slide it along the seam between the white palm rest and the black base and it’ll pop right off.

    ALS: If the screen is really really dim, it sounds like the backlight may not have power going to it, Don’t know if you tried taking it apart to disconnect and reconnect the monitor cable. It might work, it might not. I wouldn’t expect that any disassembly would damage the screen unless it was dropped or handled without care.

  123. Paul Dylan Says:

    Hi James,

    I have a Dell Inspiron 6400, i have had it for 2 years or so and it is starting to run very hot. I assume this is the dust.

    I want to do the above tutorial to take it apart and clean, but i am not well off enough to replace the laptop if afterwards it does not power up again, as seems to have happened to a few people.

    Is there much risk involved if i follow the tutorial to the letter?

    I realise you can offer no guarantee, but even just a bit of reassurance might help!

    Cheers, and thanks for the guide in advance.

  124. GREG Says:


  125. James Says:

    It is easier to read if you comment without capital letters.
    Anyways, which is the green LED?

    If the motherboard is faulty you will have to replace it.

  126. Deb Says:

    James, since you opened your laptop once I would to like to ask, did you notice where on the motherboard the EEPROM chip (24C02) is located? I understand that depending on the model it may either be on the up side or may be at the bottom side of the motherboard.

    I need to reset the BIOS password on my Inspiron 6400 but I need to figure out where this chip is exactly located on this model. I want to disassemble the least possible parts to achieve my objective.

  127. Greg Says:

    Quote(James on August 24th, 2009 at 8:59 pm):
    It is easier to read if you comment without capital letters.
    Anyways, which is the green LED?

    If the motherboard is faulty you will have to replace it.

    Hi james,sorry about the caps. The green light i refered to is on the ac adaptor.

  128. James Says:

    The AC adapter? If the problem lies with the AC adapter I highly doubt it is the motherboard’s problem. I think there’s something wrong with the AC adapter.

    I’ve checked online and they say you can’t find the EEPROM chip in the 6400. One said if you want to reset the BIOS password you could phone up Dell with your service tag.

    Hope this helps.

  129. robert Says:

    thanks for the tutorial, just what i needed. water spilt in mine and now it won;t start so
    going to take it apart and try to figure out what is broken

  130. Darrell Says:

    James, great tips. However, I only need to repair my left mouse button on my Dell, seems not as “clicky” as it was yesturday. It still works, but doesn’t have the click

    Thanks, Darrell

  131. James Says:

    To do that you have to do all the steps above.
    But do keep this in mind, the left click on your laptop is not as clicky does not necessary mean that it is spoilt or something. It could be worn out due to excessive use and might not be repairable.

  132. Elizabeth Says:

    Thanks for this!

    My sound card appears to have bitten the dust. I’ve done all the basic audio troubleshooting, tried headphone jacks, system restore, and uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers. Still no sound, and it’s not recognizing the audio device. I suspect that the soundcard is part of the motherboard, though, and not a separate piece. Could you confirm this? Thanks!

  133. James Says:

    I did not pay so much attention to the sound cards but yes the speakers are connected to the motherboard. So I believe they are one piece.
    Dell’s technical support team would be able to tell you even more.

  134. James Says:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to photo and write a description. I needed to change my keyboard for an inspirion 9300. Yours was the first site I chose. and did the exchange in less than 10 minutes. I appreciated the warning about the cover piece, so I was very careful as not to break it. Thanks again. James

  135. Sri Says:

    Hi James,

    I am facing a problem with my laptop Inspiron 6400 as follows. Due to hard handling, the right side of the front hinge cover (Just under the indentation) has come out loose and will not clamp down on pressing.

    Subsequently the LCD screen is kind of loose and wobbles in the open position. When this happens, for some reason Windows Vista shuts down by itself and upon restart comes up with startup options.

    It says windows was shut down prematurely, yada yada do you want to start normally or in the other modes.

    I have just got a printout of your article and hoping to see what is wrong.

    Thanks again for your detailed article.


  136. James Says:

    I have recently posted a guide on how to fix the wobbling screen. Do take a look at it as well.

    That should help you fix the wobbling screen.

  137. Thomas Says:

    First off nice tutorial. For a living i fix small appliances and on the side i deal with Xbox/ps3/pc’s all kinds of gaming systems n what not. Let me strees to anyone who is going to try to take apart their laptop. IT IS VERY EASY. Just keep track of the screws and keep them together with whatever part u remove. Once again just wanted to say thnx for the tutorial just got a free dell laptop gonna tear it apart n turn it into a briefcase laptop since the casing is damaged.

  138. Jake Says:

    I’ve got an e1505. I’m a novice at taking apart a laptop, and want to make sure I’m doing what I should before actually doing it. My laptop screen is getting darker than it should, I have made sure it’s not my colors messed up and my refresh rate is correct. Any suggestions?

  139. James Says:

    Your LCD screen is getting darker has nothing to do with disassembling the laptop. So don’t disassemble your laptop at all.

    Are you sure it is not the fn+up/down button that is causing your screen to go darker?

    Even if it is a hardware problem you wouldn’t be able to fix it by disassembling the laptop.

  140. Jake Says:

    I figured it may be the cable being loose. My wife dropped it about a week before she started complaining of the darkness. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s something different than the fn+up/down.

  141. James Says:

    Well, here’s what I will suggest you to do,
    If you still have warranty for your 6400, phone up Dell to get your LCD changed or fixed.

    If not, try disassembling see and try your luck if you really want to fix the problem.

  142. Tim Says:

    Listen i wanted to upgrade the CPU of my 1.6ghz inspiron 6400 to a t7700,the latest bios 6/25/2007 allows core2 duos however the t7700 runs at 800mhz i figure it shouldn`t be a problem,because although the chipset supports 667mhz only the CPU will still run at system speed of 667 or allowable supported FSB.
    Has anyone upgraded the CPU yet to a similar CPU and is the above dismantelling proceedure necessary.

  143. James Says:

    I’m not sure if the laptop can support the new CPU you’re trying to get, but the above dismantling procedure is needed to install your CPU.

  144. BrandonB Says:

    Hey James… First of all thanks for this forum.. I have been searching around and can’t find any info about this laptop. I have the e1505. Well Let me back up. My friend gave me this laptop. He said the hard drive was failing. If I got the data off, I could keep the laptop. I did, and bought 2 gig and a 320 gig Seagate Momentus harddrive. The screen wouldn’t turn on either.

    I took it apart and the connection was loose. The monitor is now fixed.

    I never got the computer to boot up. The bios says no hard drive detected. Do I need to change jumpers generally? I tried multiple hard drives and I can’t get any to detect to format. Its been awhile and I can’t remember if this computer had a interposer connector to connect the hard drive. I don’t think so, but maybe. Anyways, any suggestions? I am thinking motherboard, but I could be wrong. He said he never dropped it, but there is a small crack on the corner of the laptop.

    Please James! Help me get a free laptop!

  145. BrandonB Says:

    Once more thing… I know that formatting with XP you have to load SATA Drivers thought a floppy drive if it was vista before. I have tried installing xp and vista, with no luck.

    Also, someone suggested resetting the cmos? How would this be done? Anyways, thanks.

  146. Mike Says:

    Hi James

    I have an Inspiron E1505 which overheats and falls over on a hot day. I downloaded ‘speedfan’ software which shows temperatures (high). On my desktop it also gives fan speeds but does not detect a fan at all on the laptop. I am about to start disassembly of the laptop to see if there is a fan connected and working, but as the instructions you give are fairly complex I would welcome advice first on what steps are needed to access the fan.

    Many thaks

  147. James Says:

    All the steps. They are not complex actually, they just look complex. :)
    Good luck

  148. Robert Says:

    Hi James,
    I did clean my Dell laptop as well and fixed wobbling screen following your directions. Good Job. When I start it up, I noticed my LCD screen is little bit blury, its possible to read the text, but seemsl like blue collor is missing. Is it possible that I connect something improperly?

  149. James Says:

    It is possible something is wrong, but don’t take my words for granted.

    Disassemble your laptop again to see if you missed out something or some connectors are not connected properly.

    If problem still persists, phone up Dell customer service and ask for assistance :)

  150. Robert Says:

    This is solved, Cable from LCD wasnt clicked properly to mother board slot. Everything work fine now.
    2 good things when you disassemble your laptop more often: a) all parts are easy to pull out, b) I saved one screw, dont know from where :)
    Thank you James

  151. Mike Says:

    Excellent instructions. Fairly easy to disassemble and, just as important, to re-assemble. However, after a good clean my fan still does not work.
    At the risk of appearing a complete fool, can anyone tell me whether the E1505 fan should be on continuously or should it just come on when the temperatures are high enough? Speedfan shows temperatures but does not detect a fan. If the fan was not working I would have expected it to show zero fan speed. So I do not know whether I need a replacement fan, or does the problem lie with the connection to the fan or a temperature sensor? I would be grateful for any advice.

  152. James Says:

    You could try opening a lot of processes and see if the fan turns on or not. If that does not work, try to take the fan out and give it a direct current to see if it works.

    If the fan is dead, ebay always have replacements.

  153. Dalbert Says:

    Hi James,

    I finally found what I been looking for, I have a problem with my laptop, I restarts automatically and I know no virus or any malware that infected my system. I suspected that it was caused by the cooling fan not working anymore. Am I correct with that? about the fan the causes the problem?

  154. Ravi Says:


    Please help me out. My laptop was running out of warrenty.
    When i swith on, it says

    No bootable device found, strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility
    press F5 to run onboard diagonistics

    1. If i press F1 again same error message is been displayed.
    2. If i press F2, everything seems normal and again i restart the same error is coming.
    3. When pressing F5, it stating doing system test. Quick test fails when it runs on hard drive.

    Whether the hard drive might have crashed? I dont think so. It may be some bad virus or malware or due to some other reason?

    I tried to re install the OS, but it couldnt recogonise the hard drive to store the OS.

    Do i need to disassemble and fix the hard drive back to solve the problem?
    Or what shall i do to make my system work again. Please help.

  155. James Says:

    I am pretty sure your harddisk died. Try connecting your harddisk to an external USB harddisk cover to confirm if it’s dead or not.

  156. Ravi Says:

    Hi James,

    Thanks for your response. Am worried now due to the data loss (3 years data).

    I have removed the hard disk from the laptop as per your instructions. Please tell me how to connect the same hard disk in the USB port? Do i need to buy some cable? Will the same hard disk can act as an external hard drive?



  157. James Says:

    Yes, you will need to buy an external harddrive casing (that comes along with the correct connector of your harddisk eg. SATA/PATA).

    Or you could just borrow it from a friend.

    Plug it in, then if you are lucky, you might be able to retrieve all the data in another PC.

  158. J-Lynn Says:

    Hi I have looked at a lot of websites lately trying to find out what is wrong with my dell e1505. It powers up fine but after about 20 mins it will freeze and make a really loud humming noise and the only way I can power down the computer is to unplug it and remove the battery. My comp is also starting to run slower than normal. I have run virus scans and spy ware scans over and over and it comes up nothing. If you could possibly tell me what is going on with my comp..This is my 3rd dell in 5 years and I am not ready to replace this one too.

  159. used tires Says:

    Quote(J-Lynn on December 1st, 2009 at 8:07 pm):
    Hi I have looked at a lot of websites lately trying to find out what is wrong with my dell e1505. It powers up fine but after about 20 mins it will freeze and make a really loud humming noise and the only way I can power down the computer is to unplug it and remove the battery. My comp is also starting to run slower than normal. I have run virus scans and spy ware scans over and over and it comes up nothing. If you could possibly tell me what is going on with my comp..This is my 3rd dell in 5 years and I am not ready to replace this one too.

    J-Lynn It sounds to me like your computer is over heating.

    Till then,


  160. Al Zeety Says:

    Hey man, you mentioned above that you can help me disassemble my pc laptop dell studio monitor. Yeah, the monitor is all I’m interested in because the one year warranty is done in a month and since I am already due to get shit replaced or fixed b/c from the getgo there have been mad problems and I have tried their help services so many times I can’t waste time with another outsourcer in Kuaola Laumpur who thanks me 1,ooo times and then asks if I’ll talk with his supervisor just before we get off the phone as a quality assurance thing I guess.
    So because it’s a WLAN all the time and because I turned down some offers in an unintended way (at a poker table in ac) they have been using their tech to surreptitiously sabatoge me. So I hear you if you don’t wanna help me, but I wanna remove what I beleive to be a covert cam behind the monitor. I have disassembled the first few things like the frame and actually that’s it. If you won’t help, maybe you can suggest that if I get a covert cambehind the lcd monitor or whatever what I should do them besides enjoy some free counter-surveillance equipment (for them its surveillance b/c they’re like that i guess; it’s their mistake and covert problem. no joke dude. thanks. later….

  161. Ravi Says:

    Hi James,

    Thanks for your response. I bought a external hard drive casing and received the same error. No bootable device found!!! So i have bought a new hard drive and it stated working proplely as a internal hard drive.
    Problem solved.

    But the old hard drive seems to be dead!!!



  162. Erik Says:

    hiya James,
    Great stuff, saved myself some money today! Screen of my 6400 went dead yesterday, after a toy of the kids crashed onto it. With the help of you excellent guide, managed to disassemble and assemble it all together again, and working! The plug of the antenna/display was unplugged, and the sticky stuff inside wasn’t sticky anymore, it kinda unwrapped. I took a mini drop of glue, almost invisible, but enough to make it sticky again, and its back together. Plugged it in, and about 30 mins later my 6400 works like a charm again!
    @Ravi: Any way to add the seemingly broken HDD as a Slave? I recovered data of seemingly broken HDD’s by adding it as an Slave to a new Master HDD multiple times.

  163. James Says:

    I am pretty sure everything that is need to know about disassembling the Inspiron 6400/E1505 is available in this article.

    Thus, this topic will be closed to prevent spam.

    Thank you guys for supporting

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