How To Save Window Live Messenger(MSN) Contacts?

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How To Save Window Live Messenger(MSN) Contacts?

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This week I will take a break from writing articles regarding indifferent thoughts because I have a friend called Adam, who had lost all his MSN contacts when his account got hacked. He lost all his six hundred contacts which consist of mainly pretty babes.

I have used the internet for more than 10 years already, except for trojans and viruses, I have never got hacked before. I wonder what really happened. Anyways, that doesn’t matter, this article will be about how we can save our MSN (now called Window Live Messenger) contacts.

To Save Contacts

Step 1: Go to Contacts > Save instant messaging contacts
Step 2: Give it a name and save

Step3: Put the .ctt file into your backup folder

To Import Contacts

Step 1: Go to Contacts > Import instant messaging contacts


Step 2: Search for your .ctt file in your backup folder

Step 3: Press Open

Step 4: Confirm it by pressing Yes

There you go, a “How To” guide to save your Window Live Messenger (MSN) Contacts. I am using the version 2009 Window Live Messenger. If you don’t have the contact save function I think it is probably time to update your MSN.

Let’s hope nobody loses their contacts anymore.

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6 Responses to “How To Save Window Live Messenger(MSN) Contacts?”

  1. pomah blog Says:

    great instruction and very easy to follow, i will try this tutorial, thanks for this

  2. Water Filtration Says:

    I’ll save and import my msn contacts. Thanks for guide about it.

  3. Mi Labarre Says:

    I should say that it’s my first time to visit your blog, however, I can directly know that it contains so many useful thing. Keep up the good work!

  4. Boxing Bags Says:

    No I have never been hacked on that level either (thank god)

    Was he running some kind of virus software? To protect himself?

    Well either way thanks for posting this – much appreciated!

  5. Rehabilitation Sarasota Says:

    Good guide about save msn messenger contact. Thanks.

  6. secure wifi leeds Says:

    wow cheers for this just posting on my twitter now.

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