I’m a Research Subject 3

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Cardiovascular Assessment 1 – Week 1

Butterfly Needle

After the VO2Max testing , the next thing I was tested was Cardiovascular Assessment.

Cardiovascular Assessment consists of many sequences to be completed. It started off with getting my blood sample using 21G butterfly needle (not that stupid needle you have in Boleh-Land which all the nurses use to miss the artery), but Michael missed my artery also. Bah, what can I expect from a student?

Anyways, my blood was taken to distinguish how much percentage of blood cells to the ratio of the plasma. As expected, I’m normal, blood 40:60 plasma if I’m not wrong. When that was done, I had to get on a machine, called Tanita Body Composition Analyzer. Like the name suggests, it analyzes my body and tells me every bit of information about it.

Tanita Body Composition Analyzer

Body Composition

Well, that’s my body composition. Damn I’ve been playing basketball since year 7 of high school man, why isn’t there any changes? This pisses me off, Grr. But look at the bright side, my Body Mass Index (BMI) is only 21.7. According to wikipedia.org, 18 – 25 is normal, which means I’m right in the middle of it! Well that doens’t mean I’m healthy.

Look further down guys, I only store 10.7% of fat! Haha! My mum always tell me fat people get more disease. No offense to all the fat people out there, you all are wonderful peoples (LOL), you just need to cut down eating.

I had to do a bunch of sequence of tests from taking my blood pressure, my heart beat rate, vascular rate, everything … ask Michael.

There was a test, which was really weird. I was closed in a box and they used a vacuum cleaner to suck out all the air inside the box. In my body, I can literally feel that all my blood, Milo, bread and my shit in my intestines were pulled downwards to my feet! Man that was an unforgettable experience. You know what’s better? When the vacuum cleaner was turned off, I can literally feel all my blood, milo, bread and my shit all come right back up again. Now that’s something. Haha

James in the Vacuum Box
I know my hair looks messy, don’t bother about it. It’s too expensive to cut here.

I don’t have any big complaints though, but being boxed inside the vacuum box was like chaining a dog with a 10cm chain. I can’t even move. What’s worse, the electric gone off right in the middle of the vacuum sucking test, imagine the feeling, with your shit going downwards then upwards again. Haha

Overall I just lied there for about 3 hours unable to move a muscle. And that’s tiring. Doing nothing is the hardest thing men can do. I almost fall asleep during some tests until I woke up to see my heart beating at 49 beats/sec. I thought I was going to die at that kind of heartbeat.

Cardiovascular Assessment 2 – Week 4

After 4 weeks of Cycling Exercise , I had to do a scheduled Cardiovascular Assessment again. This was the second time I did this and the same thing above happened. Except for that I was sleeping the whole test, sometimes Michael had to wake me up for the next test LOL (sorry Michael). And luckily there was no blackout, so shits were not altered the second time. Haha.

Surprisingly, I was asked to do a VO2Max testing again. I did not know that because it was not written in the timetable. The best thing was I am back as a normal person again! With 41 peak! I have improved my fitness level! Wohoo.

Anyways, I will get my test results maybe at the end of the year. I am looking forward to that!

Previous Tests: VO2Max & Weekly Cycling Exercise

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  1. Sweety Lee Says:

    Hi, you are studying Engineering or Medicine?

  2. James Wee Says:

    I’m studying Mechatronics.
    Why do you ask ? Engineers can’t be a research subject ?

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