Kirribilli Art and Design Market

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Kirribilli Art and Design Market

It’s Sunday morning, I am not feeling that well but I had promised to go to Kirribilli Art and Design Market with my Aunt. I don’t think I’ll write much for this post because business is slow that day, not much to see around the market. It’s just very normal.

Kirribilli Art and Design Market is located at the bottom of the Northern part of Harbour Bridge, where many rich people from Sydney live there. It looks like a Thursday market but they sell only designed stuff there, mostly jeweleries. It started at about 8AM and closes at 3PM. Kirribilli Market only opens every second week of the month.

Location of Kirribilli Market
Bird Eye View

If you want to spend your Holiday in Australia, Kirribilli Art Market is not quite the place you might want to be in.

By the way, I was lazy that day so instead of selling(which means a waste of time when business is slow), I decided to walk the Harbour Bridge. There are a lot more to watch up there. Cool place.

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