Last Day of Semester One

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Say bye bye to the empty library and the mechatronics laboratory and late nights in UNSW where I used to spend countless of hours studying and experimenting robots. Finally, the last day of strive and struggle! However, I was not at school on the last day. I was taking a long rest after 2 days of consecutive overnights at the lab.

When I woke up from the deep sleep, my teammate Jai invited the whole group to go out. And like we planned months ago, the plan was to go and play snooker! Haha! I was pumped up! It has been months since I last played snooker.

We went to Wembley Snooker Centre. Even though it said “snooker”, they have only 1 snooker table in there. The rest were pool tables. Damn I was pissed. But when I was in there, I could not resist not hitting, it’s either I hit the cue ball or I’ll start hitting somebody. LOL

Wombley Snooker Centre

Wombley Snooker Centre

So we played 2 hours of pool. I only won 1 out of … 10+ rounds. Ish, I swear I am going to pawn all of my teammates in the future. My head was giving me this striking pain after snooker and I come to a conclusion that snooker extracts more mental power than mathematics.

Anyways, back to topic, it was quite late that time but we haven’t ate our dinner. So we went to Seoul-Ria Korean Restaurant. At first it was a Korean waiter who has NO IDEA how to speak English. I was pissed and I asked him in broken English to go and get somebody who knows how to speak English. It was a busy restaurant there, so after a few minutes we got ourselves a waitress. We kept her busier for 15 minutes with recommendations on what should we eat. She seems a little pissed … but who are we to give a damn about that? HAHAHA! It’s her job.

We ordered 2 dishes.

Seafood Mix Hotpot

Seafood Mix Hotpot

Seafood … they only have OK mussels, 1 piece of fish, rotten crabs and lots of vegetables as you can see. Rubbish hotpot.

Octopus and Beef Hotpot

Octopus and Beef Hotpot

This was better. Lots of octopus but not balanced … I wanted more beef! We spent 23 AUD per person eating outside. Ish … my pocket.

Damn I still can’t believe it. In TAR College, I hang out with guys, in UNSW, I HANG OUT WITH GUYS AGAIN!

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