RM40 For 2 Hours of Snooker & Pool?

July 3rd, 2008 by | This article was viewed 9,759 times.

Impossible? Anything is possible my readers. I’ll explain how.

Of course, ‘anybody’ would get hyped up and gain extra confidence whenever the opponent(as a matter of fact, that’s me) would sink the cue ball when the targeted ball is successfully shot into the pocket. Cxlim however, is no different than the ‘anybody’ I’d spoke of earlier. And by winning at a score of 70+ to 40 over me, who wouldn’t get ecstatic?

But getting all happy and having control over you are 2 different matters. You can go crazy but if you can control yourself, especially the mathematics side of brain, 2 hours of Snooker and Pool wouldn’t cost us RM40!

You know what happened? Last night, the cashier was asking for a total of RM16.50. Both of us had only a RM50 note. So, "too generous" cxlim offered to pay for me in advance. Being a close friend, the most I can do was to pay the next time we go snooker.

Everything happened at that time, but I was too busy smelling the damn cigarette quenched T-shirt of mine and cannot wait to get a soothing shower at home. I did not notice anything until today morning 10:30AM GMT+8, cxlim smsed, asking for the total amount for the snooker games. Then he told me that his wallet have only 2 RM5 notes. *LOL* He said he was busy talking with me and did not count how much that cashier gave him. But my only guess is that he’s too happy pawning me in snooker (but I pawned him in pool for 2 out of 3 rounds!!) until he forgot to count his money. Haha

Sad huh, so I guess today we will have to go there again to ask about yesterday’s stuff. Dumbass cxlim.
Kids, don’t try this anywhere.

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