Slap The “I Have A New Mini” Idiot

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Slap The I Have A New Mini Idiot

LOL, my friend sent me an interesting link today and I’ve been slapping this “I have a new mini” person for 15 minutes already. Haha seriously this is what I call entertainment. Hahahaha!

The truth is, that car behind the red shirted person is not a real mini. It is a counterfeit mini and the website has an aim of putting an end to people buying counterfeit minis. While they are at it, I am just having fun slapping the hell outta him. Haha!

Go slap some sense into that bugger.

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3 Responses to “Slap The “I Have A New Mini” Idiot”

  1. gas card Says:

    Ahh that is pretty fun for sure, and addicting :) I liked doing the really fast slaps by going back and forth on the mouse and just hearing those fast slap noises that was fun! lol


  2. loopmob Says:

    your theme is giving me php errors ?

  3. epilasyon Says:

    I am not sure the fun factor justifies the addiction

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