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Well, as you can see I have yet to post a thing at all since don’t know when of August 2008. So I am not going into too details on what I am doing here but I will briefly go through them.

1. Aunt Sarah introduced me to an archiving job from Michael
So yeah I am basically working for my expenses here. The job is super easy, I just had to like change boxes of hardcopy insurance files into softcopy saved in the computer.

2. I attended Alpha Course at North Shore Church
What can I say, I’m a free thinker and I’m at a church. In mandarin, they call that "love talking with cow" (I hope I’m not wrong). That’s the course though, I still love mixing around with different people there. In fact, I am the youngest dude over there. How sad. Is there any younger girls which are interested in this? We can go together. Haha.

3. I got a Job Interview
Hmm, I applied for jobs online and found one at a cybercafe. I thought I’d written the best cover letter ever since I was born. I got the interview, went all the way to Ashfield (That’s a freaking long trip) to meet with it’s director.

The director said I pass every requirements to be his worker. I’m good in DotA and Counter Strike (which is also in the requirements LOL), the director wants people like me who is a game enthusiast.

The director direct his worker to ask me a question about DotA, and do you know what the worker asked ? It’s so out of topic I’m telling you … he asked, name the best clan in WCG. I was like "WTF ? I know every little corner of DotA playing methods and I will definitely pawn you in it without sweat, but what does WCG players has anything to do with my knowledge about the game?" What a piss off.

Nevertheless, the director said he’s going to email me but it has been a month already I think, no contact yet. Sad …

4. Assignments kicking my butt !
Robot Design – Design my ass off the robot. I will blog about this very soon, stay tuned.
Computer Application in Engineering – An assessment every week keeps F away. F does not means the f**k you are thinking.
Getting into Business – Corporations Law ACT 2001 states that bla bla bla must have a duty of care to bla bla bla
Managing your Business – Should I go to Cayman island to keep my assets from the angry plaintiffs.

5. Nearly got myself a 200AUD fine .
I’m not elaborating further. HAhaha

6. Spring is NOW!
I’m going to die in this heat. Say no to summer in Australia.

7. I bought my Air Ticket!
WHEEE … I am going to be in Malaysia in mid January to late February to avoid the summer in Australia. Well … not really, actually is to collect angpaos in Malaysia! HAha ! And meet everybody especially my parents and my cute sister!

8. Became a Hypertension Research Subject
What is worst than being a guinea pig? Meh, like I care, I increased my fitness by 10%. Now that’s something. I will blog about this soon.

9. The only one fact I hate the most
7 days a week, 6 days at school, 1 day at Michael’s office, 0 hours of real entertainment/excitement. Who can define "get a life" better than I do?

More updates to come in these few days. Project 2 of Robot design just finished. So, give me a break!

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