Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the crucial tourists visit spots in Sydney. It’s about 2.4 Km long and I had walked it today. It takes about 25 minutes to walk from one end to another. The Harbour Bridge connects Milsons Point (Northern part, where the Luna Park is located) and Millers Point (Sydney city area). It is great to be on the bridge as you can see different types of scenery there, but you’re only limited to the Eastern part of the bridge unless you cycle on the cycle lane.

Many people go there to jog when the sun shines (because it’s not hot at all in winter) but personally I feel that jogging there might backfire the main idea of exercising. When we exercise, we’re expected to breath in fresh air but on the bridge where cars are passing by most of the time, all those joggers breath in carbon monoxide instead. There might be some sciences behind this but from my own view, it’s harzadous.

Okok, I will stop complaining. Anyways, the bridge has a great view over the Sydney Opera House, which is really facinating. It’s just too bad my Olympus FE-280 is not good enough to capture nice pictures. Now I regret to the maximum for not getting the Canon Powershot G9, what a waste.

Here are the pictures,

Sydney Opera House
Great views from the front to the back. Any tourist would not want to miss this.

Sydney City Area
Here’s the view of the city from the bridge. The Opera House is nicely placed at the left. Love this picture, I swear it’s better at night.

Different Boats
Well, these boats are different from what I’ve seen in Boleh-land. Look at the middle one, it looks like Jack Sparrow is in it.

Sydney City View
When you’re at the other end, the Miller’s Point. The Sydney City view. Looks quiet, what do you think?

West Cycling Lane
It’s a bit too bad I can’t walk the Western cycling lane. Else I’d be able to take more photographs. Stupid rules.

Toll Charges
The toll is AUD3.00 per drive through, and no change if you don’t have smaller coins … Yeah what a rip off!

Top of Harbour Bridge
If you come for a Holiday in Australia and have no idea where you want to spend your AUD 300. Here is a good place to do so. Spend AUD 300 and enjoy one of the best views on top of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

There you go, all the scenes that you can enjoy from the Harbour Bridge. There’s even some sort of tour where you need to pay AUD 9 to walk up the pylon. Wait until I settle down with a powerful camera I will come here again and climb the pylon to get better pictures.

When you get down the bridge at the Sydney side. You’re facing directly at The Rocks street, which I heard has one of the most happening market around Sydney. We might even be there the next time when registration opens.

Ok, these are all I’d like to share. It’s still freezing and my nose is giving me a real headache.

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  1. photo supplies Says:

    I’m trying to find out who designed the sydney harbour bridge and a little bit abt the designer. I tried google searching it but i couldn’t find anything. can u help?

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