Top Gear VS Top Gear Australia

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Top Gear is a motor vehicle TV show originated from Great Britain presented (current) by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and The Stig. The show would usually start off with some super car reviews and the cool board (on occasions) followed by a first half of some competition. After that, a star will be invited to drive their “reasonably priced car” and end the show after the completion of their competitions and the results.

All 3 hosts (Jeremy, Richard and James) present Top Gear in a very humorous way. Nothing too “physics” and understandable even to aliens. The hosts have their own original and funny characteristics:

Jeremy Clarkson - Acts like a 6 year old and doesn’t seems to give a damn about anything.
Richard Hammond - Much matured compared to Jeremy but funny in a very unique way.
James May - Very “physicist” and is afraid of speed AKA “Captain Slow”.
The Stig - Some say he now wears white racing suit because he was forced by BBC to be baptized.

Top Gear also introduces crazy stunts including blowing up vehicles, optimistically shooting up vehicles hoping it would pass the atmosphere and Richard Hammond’s near crash death.

Top Gear has been extremely popular around the globe has led to the formation of Top Gear Australia, debuted on Monday 29 September, presented by Charlie Cox (an ex-racer), Steve Pizzati (a driving instructor) and Warren Brown (a cartoonist and motoring journalist). The Stig however, is not credited as a presenter in the Australian series and was nearly named “Stiggo” or “Stiggy the Bush Kangaroo” in the first episode … How Australian can they be?

What’s the Difference?

1. There is a slight change in the sequence of the show. Instead of having a cool wall, Top Gear Australia had a “What were they thinking” wall which they go criticizing away about vehicle manufacturer’s mistakes. It’s something new, I like it but it’s going to fail if the hosts continue to act like somebody else.

2. Like I said earlier Top Gear is presented in a funny way. In Top Gear Australia however, there’s the lack of connection between all three hosts. As they talk, the crowd would be quiet. Most of the time their joke doesn’t seems to work. I guess most of you who watches both Top Gear and Top Gear Australia would realize that this has something to do with the hosts.

3. The hosts. From what I have observed so far, Steve Pizzati is the best, he seems to know what he’s talking and crack jokes … sometimes. His challenge – escaping in a Subaru WRX STI in a search and destroy mission by a military helicopter amazes me.

Top Gear Australia

Warren Brown who acts like James and Richard by being slow and nearly got killed most of the time, but he’s quite entertaining as he nearly got killed by a shark and his little comics seems to tell a thousand words.

The worst would be Charlie Cox. I have no idea what’s wrong with him, he seems to be on a tight schedule or something. In his review of the Porsche Carerra 911S PDK, it was boring and it looks like he was just reading the specifications out from the brochure. His views about the car – none, his passion – none, he’s … a waste of time.

4. Reasonably priced car, a Proton Satria Neo. I don’t feel like commenting on this one, God please help me.

5. Then we have the Top Gear Australia track at Camden Airport that’s relatively short and … sometimes I can’t see where The Stig’s Australian Cousin is driving. Most of the camera aims at The Stig while he’s in the car and I guess there’s only about a total of 10 seconds of Proton Satria Neo airtime. Maybe it’s the car … but if it’s the car then they should not have chosen a Proton as their reasonably priced car!

For now Top Gear Australia can be summed up with just a word … BORING. As a viewer, sometimes I can sense this feeling that all three of them are in a conversation talking different things. It’s not very obvious but my mind certainly tells me there’s something wrong.

Look, I’m not criticizing the Australians, but Top Gear Australia wouldn’t last long with its current state. Even the statistics had explained that.

Top Gear UK vs Top Gear Australia

In a nutshell, I’ll tell you what most of us are thinking about Top Gear Australia. Most of us would be thinking “If Top Gear Australia would be so much alike to Top Gear (UK) minus the funny jokes, why bother spending an hour watching Top Gear Australia?”

That would give some heads up to SBS.
I appreciate any comments, advices, and complaints that you might have.

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8 Responses to “Top Gear VS Top Gear Australia”

  1. mayzen Says:

    eh i love jeremy clarkson!! funny as hell <3

  2. admin Says:

    Yes he is.

  3. ahmike Says:

    lol i like this show. Jeremy Clarkson is too funny. Sometimes will get their magazine. RM10

  4. Tiffany Beaumont Says:

    Dear Funny face,
    Good to see your still alive, please don’t crash rocket cars cause you freaked me out. Nice mug shots boys, Guess knowing the originals its a hard act to follow but the australian top gear has something Britan doesn’t… great aussie out doors, massive range of locations in one country and great aussie cars made in China. Aussie presents actually look like they like each other! where as the UK version seems to have under currents of “other” fuel inspired action. Have the kids had any more car related premonitions???? hopefully they are acting angles. :)

    Take car, hopefully Ill see you all in the UK.

  5. James Wee Says:

    Well, it’s without a doubt that Australian Top Gear has a much much richer environment to test their cars in.

    I kind of amazed how Warren Brown’s life was put at risk in a sea of blood with sharks scouring around which have no connection to car reviews at all.

    How about that for kiddies’ car related premonitions ?

  6. Hamish Allen Says:

    Give TGA a chance the BBC have been at this (top gear) since 1977. They have had nearly twenty hosts to date.
    I am very curious about your graf lines. if you plot a mean average the Aust
    In any case mid 600 for an Australian show is fantastic and we should be proud.
    It is sad that Charlie cannot continue. James Morrison will bring a new vibrant personality to the show.
    Thanks for this review James.

  7. James Wee Says:

    Yeap, that’s a way to argue. No not exactly 20 hosts, they only had 5.
    There was a fat bloke back then, which James May replaced.

    Seriously, I’m quite delighted that Charlie Cox did not continue. He’s bad at TGA. James Morrison, let’s wait for season 2 then.

  8. discount car electronics Says:

    I actually like top gear better. The stig and jeremy do it for me.

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