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This year (6th September 2008), the University of New South Wales had their undergraduate open day (they call it Courses and Carrers Day) under a rainy day. However, rain wasn’t the worst enemy though, the wind is. Tents that were set up by the seniors were sent collapsing by the crushing wind. The attendance during the Courses and Careers Day (CC Day) was poor, but UNSW did not fail to present their best to their future students.

For your information, I have not attended any UNSW open day before I transfer to UNSW. So I was a bit confused as I was entering the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Building mainly because I have no idea where to start. At the ground floor, there’s the UNSW race team with their mini red colored F1 race car. I was supposed to go to my lab to settle my assignment, so I just speed pass the race car without even taking pictures of it (I know, stupid me) and went straight to my lab.

Surprisingly, the lab was locked. Maybe they don’t want outsiders to steal stuff from the lab. So I joined the kids who were taking a tour at the different specified labs in the Mechanical and Manufacturing Laboratory Building. I joined halfway while they were entering the laboratory I am majoring in, which is Mechatronics Lab.

Mark and Edward (my tutors) was the people in charge of the presentation. Well, not impressive I must say, Mark should do the talking and Edward should do the other stuff. I did not take any pictures, AGAIN.

Next we went into the Machanical/Material Lab. This was much more impressive. My group mates from Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) would know remember how we polish our steels in the material lab. Haha, we were using our hands to polish the hell out of ourselves. In UNSW, they have this machine.

The Metal Polisher

Basically, you just clamp the steel there and put on the weights for different pressure, which means different surface finish for the metals then pour the abrasive. After the preparation, just wait until it is fully polished. Saves time and energy. TARC needs to improve!

Milling Machine

Milling Machine

Beside the metal polisher is the 5 axis Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling machine . Now this is something, this CNC miller has a hidden compartment which can store up to 30+ different millers (as told by the presenter). WOWO, cool huh.

Different products made by the Milling Machine

Well, he explained a lot of stuff so here are the pictures that will explain a thousand words for me.

3D Printer: Prints layers by layers to make a 3D shape

Water Jet Cutter

Electrical Microscope, monitors and lots of stuff

I also got to know a person, actually 2 persons from Malaysia currently doing their thesis in UNSW. They explained some stuff to me about these instruments. As expected, these monitors can calculate surface depth by the nanometers!

After the Mechanical lab, I was already blown away by the cangihness (coolness) but the Aerodynamics Lab was much better.

The Aerodynamic Lab

Now, how many of you ever seen a real shock wave? Not the one in Warcraft 3 ok. A real shock wave made by air deflected by a metal when shot by high pressurized air. We actually had to wear ear plugs because to the noise produced by the shock wave and the machine generating the high pressured air was too loud. Interesting stuff. If I had done this a year ago I would have major in Aerospace. Hahaha !

Shock wave appears in the are the red arrow is pointing

Well, as stated in the caption, the shock wave was formed in that tip. Then projected by don’t know what thing to a blackboard (it’s clearer there).

More Aerodynamic Lab

After that we go to the Manufacturing Lab. This lab has many types of machines, both conventional and CNC machines. And as expected, it’s by far better than the equipments TAR College has. I know you guys love looking at pictures, so … here goes.

Conventional Crap

CNC Lathe Machine - Costs 300k AUD

LOL, when the instructor was talking about this machine. Everybody was like, “huh? What the hell are these?”.

I forgot what this machine does already LOL

The trip ends here, most of the visitors goes out into the rain, stupid people. I stayed to chat a bit with the dude and have him explain more about the machines. Then I told him I am currently studying here and we chatted more. I found out that we, the mechatronics students can actually use all these machines. All we need to do is create our own designs with Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) software like Catia, then let them manufacture the thing.

I went out from where I came in and up to the Simulation Lab, this was what makes the open day at Mechanical & Manufacturing Laboratory Building looks best. F1 alike race simulation and flight simulation is built in the Lab.

The n00b (sorry), he crashes at every corner.

After looking at the simulation testers crash their cars for many times. It was my turn to test the simulation. Huh, luckily there was somebody beside to guide me how to drive a F1 alike racing car, I did better than the rest I’d seen but in the end I got too excited and end up in the tyre barriers, F***. I want to test some more!

Well, the person told me they are going to implement hydraulic seats next time so that when you turn the simulated car, the seat will give you a fake G-force effect. Wowo, I’m looking forward to next year’s Courses and Careers Day.

More simulations…

I have no idea how this works ... Just a monitor playing these things

Airplane Simulation

My visit to the laboratories ended with about 10 miss calls and 10 sms messages in my handphone. I was about 2 hours late to my meeting. LOL!

Happy reading…

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