We are Living in The Matrix

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We are Living in The Matrix

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Yes, you guessed it. The award winning Sci-Fi movie The Matrix that depicts a real world ruled by artificial intelligence (robots); who placed human beings in a virtual world while using human’s body heat and electrical activity as a source of energy. The movie illustrates modern slavery in the world we live in … or is it so?

To spice up a serious topic such as this, let’s give a role that reflects a specific character or an object in the movie. From there, we will then name the relevance of each role.

Now we will jump straight into the first role …

Simulated Reality

Simulated reality is a world perceived to be “real” by human beings in the movie. The best role for this would be the mainstream media.

[Movie] The simulated reality is made to fool human brains into believing that they are enjoying life while the fact is that they are actually slaves powering the robots.

[Real Life] In real life however, the mainstream media is constantly feeding us with false information, instilling pictures into the minds of young children to be slaves as they grow up. Of course, this is not done in such a direct manner. What they tell you are something of these sort – “We offer you ZERO interest on the first 3 months of your credit card! Use them as you please, because we want you to be rich!” or “The economy is picking up as President Obama has prepared stimulus packages to boost the economy”.


Harvesters are the ones who maintain the power plant of humans batteries. The best role that portrays the harvesters are the “something” behind the throne, I will call them the “Ultra Rich”.

“There is something behind the throne greater than the King himself”

- Sir William Pitt, House of Lords 1770

[Movie] Harvesters’ job is to maintain and populate the fetus field while constantly growing the power plant for the survival of their own race.

[Real Life] The Ultra Rich’s job is to maintain us as slaves, have us work for them voluntarily (more like unknowingly) and strip us off our wealth. With business tools such as the Corporate Veil, it is still unknown as to who are actually pulling the strings behind the scenes. What is definite is that the government is not the ultra rich; they are the ones doing all the dirty work.

Source of Energy

The robots used human beings as source of energy in the movie. This is no different than the world we live in; the role to be played will be our “Hard Work”.

[Movie] When the robots in The Matrix are stripped away of their ability to use the solar energy, they turn humans into slaves as their main source of energy.

[Real Life] The Ultra Riches have been polishing their ability to enslave people since the dawn of age and are still perfecting it as we speak. With the use of debt, inflation and political overthrow, they can turn a country of free citizens into a country of hardworking slaves that will generate profit for their organization (Jamaican Water War).

War between Human and Robots

This is probably the only self explanatory thing here and is of course reflected by the unnecessary World Wars.

[Movie] In the movie, the conflict started when human discovered the first robot that killed his master. However, it is human as always, drew the first blood in both the war and Operation Dark Storm that is both self destructing in the end.

[Real Life] The World Wars however, was fuelled by nothing but greed to profit from the war. There is nothing more profitable to a Central Bank than country borrowing money from it to fund the war while repaying interest on top of the debt.

The Sentinels

The Sentinels are the machines that attack human whenever they are spotted. They represent most of us who are uninformed.

[Movie] These guys are the one’s programmed from birth to do all the destructions to the human society. They do not think for themselves. They only follow commands directed by their leader; that is to search and destroy human at all costs until they receive a command not to do so.

[Real Life] The ultra riches understood that human learn through education and observation. So they manipulated our Education System and the mainstream media; feeding us with irrelevant information perceived as important to survive in these harsh environments they planned for us. Overtime, these false information became a norm in our society; creating countless “Sentinels” around ourselves, telling us things they thought are facts. Thus the perfect “Simulated Reality” is actualized, brought forward by ourselves and playing into the hands of the Ultra Riches.

Get Informed!

This virtual world we created for ourselves was started by the Ultra Rich, through the use of education and the mass media. But eventually, it is us (and our close ones) who are actually doing all the damage by spreading information we thought are the truth.

You can start to get informed by being more sensitive to the information you receive and ask “why” questions. You will realize that most answer are the same, it’s either “that’s what we’re told to do” or “that’s how everybody does it”. If that’s the case, you know extremely well that you should take the information with a grain of salt.

The Ugly Truth

You will also learn that many people are not able to handle the ugly truth you told them, like Cypher in The Matrix. They are too engrossed to the entertainment and comfort offered by the virtual world that they find no reason to leave that comfort zone. There is really nothing you can do about these people, let them grow and soon they will realize the truth themselves.

Also, I am not saying that as a human being we should deprive ourselves from entertainment and comfort. In fact, I think we should enjoy whenever there’s an opportunity to do so; as long as doing so does not affect you in the long run (like using your credit card to travel around the world when you don’t even have a stable income).

In a Nutshell

This is a very long article and I do not want to have loose ends. I am sure some of you will be wondering if a world that is fair and square is even possible to achieve.

To answer that honestly, I have no idea. But here is what I think that will happen, answered by a role in The Matrix series.

Agent Smith

Agent Smith is the baddest ass in the movie that is always there to screw things up. The perfect role for this will be the Weapon of Destruction created by scientists.

[Movie] Agent Smith actually started out as a controlled AI program to keep The Matrix in order, until he was “freed” by Neo when Neo defeated him. He then starts to replicate himself like a computer virus until there was nothing left in The Matrix.

[Real Life] The Weapon of Destruction (Atomic Bomb, Nuclear Bomb) was also used to keep the world in order by ending conflicts such as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Warfare, however that is not what I believe to be now. When the time comes when all options used by the Ultra Rich has failed and most of us has come to realize the peoples who are actually screwing with our lives, we will face Armageddon.

I hope I am seriously wrong on this one.

To end this article, the movie did not illustrate real life modern slavery. Our modern slavery real life illustrated the movie.

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13 Responses to “We are Living in The Matrix”

  1. Aluminum Laptop Cases Says:

    Very interesting post. This is indeed an accurate depiction of how society is setup. You’d have to wonder how groups like the Freemasons had a part in shaping how society works to benefit the rich.

  2. used tires Says:

    When I first read this post, I must admit I was a little bit lost, especially since believe it or not I have not seen The matrix, but after re-reading it a few times, I was finally able to understand the message being conveyed in the post, well done!

    Till then,


  3. Aluminum Laptop Cases Says:

    Jean how could you have not watched The Matrix? That is one of the defining movies of our generation. I would’ve thought anyone technically inclined would be even more likely to have seen it already.

  4. Sales Force Evaluation Says:

    Awesome article post! It shows epiction of how society is setup. You’d have to wonder how groups like the Freemasons had a part in shaping how society works to benefit the rich. I love to read such type of informative posts.

  5. Jayce Says:

    Yeah… Matrix is one of the best movie that I like. I always think. Are we in the Matrix? Hehe…

  6. `Fire Grate Says:

    the stimulus package is really good for kickstarting the economy’`,

  7. Womens watches Says:

    Certainly quite a few parallels that you have laid out between the Matrix and real life. It sounds like you are alluding to a “world order”, or illuminati type organisation in control.

  8. Sales Force Evaluation Says:

    I just love that movie and all the characters too. Neo is my all time favorite.
    This is a really excellent read for me. Must admit that you are one of the best blogger I ever saw. Thanks for posting this useful article.

  9. Anime Says:

    I wonder when was the first time I played DOTA.
    I think way back before guinsoo modified DOTA.
    Well, nice guide indeed.

  10. p90x reviews Says:

    Very interesting ideas James, I love how you compared them to things in the Matrix. Kinda cool you did a post using the Matrix as I just got to see it again recently.

    – Robert

  11. Condenser Dryer  Says:

    we can say that the stimulus package that were issued several years ago have been taking its effect now;-“

  12. Sharron Clemons Says:

    Very interesting ideas James, I love how you compared them to things in the Matrix. Kinda cool you did a post using the Matrix as I just got to see it again recently. – Robert

  13. MIlli0n Says:

    You who say “really interesting ideas” and have already seen The Matrix – what have you been thinking while watching the movie? The special effects, gun blasts, relationship between Neo & Trinity? You didn’t understand that the movie is a metafor of our world, our life, our society – that we live our heads dumped full with commercial representations, while our body & soul are used to rotate the Big Wheel? I wonder if you even noticed the movie ending with Rage Against The Machine song ‘Wake Up!’ – so as to be heard even when you’re supposed to be back in reality again.

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