Week 1 At UNSW

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Week 1 at UNSW started off with a chilly Monday. The kind of day that if you don’t bet for raining, you’ll regret your whole life. Before you read further, I really recommend you to get a UNSW Kensington Campus Map from the UNSW website. There’s the link.

Day 1, Monday

First class in Civil Engineering Building 101 was Critical Thinking Lecture lectured by Shannon Balderson from America (I think). First lecture was okay, nothing special about her or the class.

I ate the lunch my aunt had prepared for me, even though the lunch was already cold, but it was better than nothing. After eating it, I walked around the Roundbuilding to take a look at what’s going on. It’s right on top of the UniPub but it was nothing up there. Then, I went to Sam Cracknel Pavillion to look at the sports they have for registration. Nearly everything there needs money, and the cheapest I’ve seen was 40 bucks? For the basketball one I think. Not worth it …

It started raining quite heavily soon when I was at the Sam Cracknel Pavillion. My Critical Thinking tutorial was at Quadrangle, so I had to run all the way there under the rain just to listen to Shannon talked about Beetles and the Rolling Stone (which I have no idea what they are) and 2 person argueing about “do we need Bibles or Qurans to teach us how to be a proper human?” How boring. I expected more …

Day 2, Tuesday

Tuesday was the best! I only get to study from 12 – 2 PM. It was Getting into Business lecture by Micheal Peters. Wow he’s good, his lecture was funny. But when he gets high and talks very fast, Jayson and I will be clueless of what he’s talking about. Apparently, he claimed that he will teach us about business law and how to break law without getting caught. LOL!

Day 3 and 4, Wednesday and Thursday

Ahhhh, I hate Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday, classes starts from 10 AM to 6 PM. Basically, I had to leave home at 8:30 and reach home at 7:15. Thursday was the worst, class starts from 9 AM ends at 6 PM. You do the calculation. Wednesday and Thursday will be tiring man.

Day 5, Friday, UNSW Welcome Party

Wowo, Friday was a day full of excitements. It began with me in ISS (International Student Services) lounge at 12:30 PM realized that I did not bring the document that enables me a free ticket to the UNSW Welcome Party. Plus I had to do a campus tour at 1 PM so I decided to do the campus tour first.

The tour took us about 1 hour and 30 minutes. It was about 2:30 PM after the tour. If I were to go back to take my document,  and based on worst case senario, say 3 hours to go back and forth, I’d miss the bus to the Welcome Party at 5.15 PM. But luckily, Katie (ISS Head) knows that I was one of the person who was joining the campus tour for the party, so I got the ticket, woohoo. Thanks Katie!

The welcome party was great! It was what Wilson Ho explained when I was still in TAR College. We went to Coogee Beach Hotel, obviously it is located at Coogee.

The first activity we have there was to fill up a person’s name according to the question (We can not repeat the same person though, that’s why it’s interesting).

eg. Find somebody who
1. Has never seen snow
2. Loves Vegemite
3. Knows surfing
Total up to about 12 questions I think.

What a great opportunity to meet new people I was thinking inside the room. After exchaging names with my fellow buddies Jayson, Ivan, Eugene, Jonathan, Ash (Asshole, LOL) and MeiLing (where was Claire?!), I flew off to talk with more girls (My goal of the night).

I knew quite many (have not talked to sooo many new friends before) new people. I can remember a few, Estervina from Indon, Chris, Fiona (Looks like a Korean!) from China, a girl from Malaysia, Ali from Iran, erm … LAWL I forgot the rest! Hahaha too many names to remember! Bler. Well, let’s just say I’m looking forward to see all of them again in ISS lounge.

After the first activity, the next one was Limbo Dance. I tried that as well and many people tried also. Wooo, that was fun. Awhile later, we had some group games, which everybody from the other team cheated to win. That’s so sad and unfair.

The last activity was dancing. MeiLing made some great trains on the dance floor. Which nearly everybody from the floor joined! Damn geng huh. The party ends at about 9:30 and I had a rough ride back home … Don’t wanna talk about it?

Sorry about this post, I know it’s a bit blur.

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