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Say good bye to .com or .net top level domains. Next year when the registration opens, you can get your own Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) for your own organization. Only if you are rich enough.

ICANN has been limiting sets of gTLD for years like .com, .net, .org and etc since they were established 9 years ago. This October 23rd, they have announced that they would be receiving registrations gTLDs for your own organization. Like Sydney for .syd, Kuala Lumpur for .kl or anything you can think of.

Generic Top Level Domains registrations are only limited to established corporations, organizations, or institutions in good standing. Applications such as Individuals (bloggers) and sole proprietorships (sole traders) will not be considered.

However, there’s a huge fee that comes along with your gTLD. User Registration Fee USD100, gTLD Evaluation Fee USD 185,000. The fees statement does not stop here, they still have Registry Services Review Fee, Dispute Resolution Filing Fee, Dispute Resolution Adjudication Fee and Comparative Evaluation Fee.

More info can be found here.

This is no doubt only for big corporations and organizations. I don’t think any individual is rich or stupid enough to spend USD 200k for his/her own gTLD.

On another note, are they doing this because the western part of the world is in recession? Or are they really doing it for the sake of “innovation”?

Having said all these, it is awesome to have something like http://www.james.wee

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